Feb 27, 2010

Retreat and Change Your Story

Retreat is a way to advance beyond your story. Are you stuck in your story? Your story is your life you were born to experience and it has made you who you are. However, you are more than your story. What does your story hold for you? Does it offer you power or does it drain your power? Does it make you happy or does it cause you pain?

Who are you without your story? Once you let go of your story about where you came from you are free to become who you came here to be and live your purpose.

Here are some tips to advance beyond your set of beliefs and conditioning to embrace your unlimited potential.

1. Start a journal and become aware of the emotions that you experience most often throughout your day.

2. Decide on a word to anchor in inner peace. Each time you feel yourself feeling anxious, fearful, worried, frustrated, or angry, use your focus word. Notice what you were thinking before you noticed the uncomfortable feelings.

3. Set your computer to notify you each hour and take five long deep breaths each hour. Make it a new habit to breath deeply and relax your neck and shoulders.

4. Yoga is a great way to break up old habits. Practice yoga at least three times a week with the intention to embrace change.

Retreat and Heal offers year round retreats to heal your body, mind, and spirit. We empower our guests with tools to heal their past hurt and change their story to support their unlimited potential. Retreat to Sedona and write a new story that includes inner peace and unlimited abundance.