Jan 22, 2009

Sedona Arizona Vortex Video and What is your Pledge for 2009?

Our pledge for 2009 is to share the beauty of Sedona, Arizona with as many people as possible. Follow me below as we share the rest of our pledge to create the change we want to see.

1. I pledge to share more spiritual healing and spiritual tools through our blog, Sedona Spiritual Talk Radio, and our Spiritual Retreats.

2. I pledge to do my part to let the peace begin with me. To speak words that create peace within and to all those I meet online and in person.

3. I pledge to be in the moment and stay conscious of my thoughts and actions and make them positive.

Love to hear from you either on the blog or on line at our radio show. Share with me what your challenges are and let me know how I can support you. Love to be your spiritual guide to Sedona when you feel the call to Sedona let give you an experience of a Sacred Sedona Vortex tour.

Jan 20, 2009

Sedona Vortex Video, Our New President Obama and What is your Service Commitment for 2009

President Obama has just been sworn in and we have a new president. Yesterday, I watched Oprah as she called for each person to commit to being the change we want to see. What is your commitment to be of service in 2009? Here are some small changes that we can all make that will create the change we want to see.

1. Hold a vision of what you want. Just like our new President hold a reverence for word. Choose the words that you hold in your mind and the conversations that you have with friends, family, and work comrades. Make your words positive or stop the conversation.

2. We can be the change we want to see and create ripples of peace worldwide. Remember the song let peace begin with me. Create peace where ever you go, lend a hand when you can, smile and meet someone's eyes and send love. Our world is in the process of change, you have the choice to participate, or watch.

3. Respect yourself, our environment, and our brothers, and sisters. Do no harm, take no more than you need, recycle and clear your clutter. Stand in your power and spread love, peace, and laughter, where ever you go. Lighten up and laugh at yourself and life. Laughter is healing share it often.

Check out our Sedona Talk Radio and listen to our Let your Light Shine in 2009. Hope you will leave me a message about your commitment for 2009 to be the change. If you are in Sedona we hope you will allow us to be your Spiritual guide to Sedona.

Jan 13, 2009

Meditation to Live your Best Life In 2009 Presented by Sedona Spiritual Talk Radio

Our Meditation to Live Your Best Life In 2009 will empower you with tools to create the life you want and deserve. Ready to create an action plan and focus to create the success that you want and deserve? Tune in to Sedona Spiritual Talk as we journey into your future and align with success.

Join us tonight for our Live Your Best Life Meditation. Hope that you have taken time to practice the bowl burning ceremony. You will find the instructions below or if not email me.

Join us live for our Best Life Meditation tonight and ask us an questions you might have regarding Sedona, Spirit Animal totems, EFT, or anything regarding your spiritual growth.

"We may have different religions, different languages, different colored skin, but we all belong to one human race."
~ Kofi Annan

During this upheaval and change it is important to remember we are all in this time together, we came here to recreate peace. Visualize our world going through this cleanse and emerging strong, peaceful, all united together each respecting ourselves, each other and our earth. Remember to join us at 6 PM MSTD for our Live Your Best Life meditation.

Jan 6, 2009

Love Relationship Troubles? Stop Fighting and Make Love

Love relationship in the dumps along with the economy? Stop Fighting and make love. Follow these tools and create passion, love, and romance.
1. Next time your mate is pushing your buttons and you feel like you want to explode..stop and take a deep breath. Close your eyes. Think about the first time you kissed your mate. Remember how excited you were on your dates. As you feel these love feelings. Remember all the things you love about your mate.
2. Create a symbol for your love feelings and connect these feelings to your heart. Each time you find yourself focusing on the things you don't like about your mate stop. Visualize your symbol and choose love.
3. Each time you stop and visualize the symbol it will become easier to choose love and let your old negative reactions go. You will find it becoming easier to feel love and share it with your mate.
Send me your questions and challenges regarding love. Love relationships are finding it harder than ever to survive in our tuff economic times. Love's Secret offers effective tools through eft to choose love. Change your old habits and reactions and stop fighting and make love.

Jan 4, 2009

Meditation for Love and Success 2009

Love's Secret empowers you with tools to open your heart and share your love. Listen to our meditation and release your fears of loss of love and abandonment.

Jerry Red Eagle shares a shamanic journey to connect you with your spiritual essence, guides, and or animal spirit guide. Listen in and empower yourself with tools to release your fears of love. Sedona Spiritual Talk radio shares meditations and tools to support your spiritual awakening.

Money Fears turned into Peace of Mind and Trust

Money fears and worries weighing heavy on your mind? Follow this video and these secrets to find courage to let go and trust.

I grew up in Tennessee and my mother and father grew up in the depression. I remember horrible stories of people in the great depression who had lost everything jumping out of buildings and ending it all. Follow these three secrets to keep yourself centered and relaxed.

1. Remember that you control your reaction to life. Even when you are surrounded with stress, you can learn to change your reaction; remove yourself and take a stress break. If you have access to nature, go outside in nature and sit under a tree. Breathe your stress away. You will find that when you return to work you will be more productive and your mood and outlook will be lifted. If you can't take a break outside then close your door and breathe. Close your eyes and imagine that you are in the most beautiful place in nature that you can remember. Imagine the sun filling your entire body with golden light and washing away the stress.

2. Face your situation head on, and move forward by finding solutions. Take a look at your finances and look at ways to start living within your means. Your first step is to cut back on eating out. Pack a lunch and make sure it contains healthy veggies and fruits. Support your body, mind, and spirit with high quality foods and avoid refined fast foods.

3. Find support and talk out your problems. Holding on to problems creates internal war zones, and you find yourself caught in a vicious loop of stress. Support can be professional help through a coach, financial advisor, or a counselor. The key is to take action and realistically create a plan to move out of the situation. Avoidance will continue to create stress and depression eventually leading to illness.Down load a free life evaluation test to see exactly where you are in your life. Stress and depression slip up on you, the only way to create a stress management plan is to know what is causing stress.

Take our Life Mastery exam free. Click here for a free Life Mastery quiz . Sedona, Arizona is a beautiful place to retreat and start 2009 with positive reflection and create an action plan. Our spiritual retreats, day packages, spa services, and Sedona Day Retreats make wonderful gift certificates for the one you love. A spiritual retreat is a gift that creates Peace of Mind.