Oct 6, 2007

Britney's Emotions out of control??

Britney seems to have her emotions on auto-pilot? Her emotions appear to be out of control and she seems lost as to how to change it? Dr Phil says it might be time to commit her??

You may not be as lost as Britney, but still experiencing emotional pain, and need some tools. Love's Secret offers proven emotional self help to focus your self and your energy.

Love's Secret, similar to The Secret, and both relationship self help books, offer answers about the wife relationship role, and the husband relationship role, and how to focus on love. Self therapy tools are offered in Love's Secret and today's tip is to remain present and take your emtions off auto-pilot. An easy tool to stay present is also referred to as self yoga. Yoga means union so as you create union within your body, mind, and spirit, it becomes easier to stay present.

To take your emotions off auto-pilot you must create more union within with your self yoga. This means becoming aware of words, thoughts, and habits that cause you to either shut down or create inner battles. When thoughts spin out of control within this creates anxiety, depression, and frustration. As you take you power back from habituated thought patterns and habits it becomes easier through self yoga to create inner peace.

Practice self-yoga today and repeat the mantra "I choose to feel safe, and experience inner peace." Notice any thoughts that might arise that try to pull you out of inner peace. As you notice these thoughts through your self yoga stay centered and choose to release the thoughts. Notice your reaction to life and your relationships and keep bringing yourself back to "inner peace."