Dec 30, 2008

New Year's Bowl Burning Ceremony and Meditation

New Year's Eve is a great time to release 2008 and start 2009 ready to shine your light brightly. A New Year's Bowl Burning Ceremony is a wonderful ceremony to get clear on your goals for 2009 and release any incompletes from 2008. Light a green candle and allow it to burn until you complete your bowl burning ceremony.

New Year's Bowl Burning Ceremony to release your blocks and allow you light to shine brightly.

What you will need for the ceremony:
Matches, Iron skillet or outdoor fire pit. 2 sheets of paper.

1. Write down everything that you are complete with and ready to release.

2. In a bowl, or outdoor fire pit, burn the things that you are ready to release.

3. Allow the fire to burn through to the very core of the habit and release it at its root.Now take time to write down what you are ready to bring into your life. Let youself stretch beyond your limits. Dream big and ask for what you want.

4. Expect all the things that you have written down to show up. Hold the feeling of gratitude throughout your day. You can experience spiritual retreat just by holding a vision of a beautiful and peaceful place in nature in your mind. Feel your body, mind and spirit healed and clear, and hold a feeling of gratitude for your healing. Join us Sunday Jan 4 at 11 am for our New Year's Visualization.

5. Jerry Red Eagle and I would like to extend our blessings to your goals. Please mail us a list of your goals and a list of what you want to release(place in a sealed envelope--it will not be opened--just burned). We will add you goals to our vision board and we will burn your release list in our special fire pit. For everyone who has experienced our fire pit you know what I mean when I say special. There are times when papers have burned and yet the words still are left visible. When this happens we have to do more work with EFT and emotional clearing. (Mailing address:email me for specific address at

Sedona Spiritual Talk Radio invites you to Ask Annie and Jerry anything. Ask us your spiritual questions about EFT, Spirit Animal Totems, etc and we will ask spirit to speak through us to answer your questions. We look forward to having you join us. We hope you enjoy the New Year's Bowl Burning Ceremony and Meditation.