Sep 12, 2008

Love's Secret, Money and Healing the Past

What does Oprah, M Gary Neuman, The Truth About Cheating, and Love's Secret have in common? Love's Secret empowers you to reconnect to the one you love, while The Truth About Cheating will help you keep your man from cheating. If you have lost that loving feeling for the one you love, book a Sedona retreat today. Book a couples retreat and recieve a free copy of Love's Secret.

Did you see Oprah last night? Her guest, M Gary Neuman, spilled all the beans and revealed his research from his book The Truth About Cheating. You can download a free copy here. Take their test to see if your man has all the signs of cheating.

Here are some tips to keep your man happy and make him feel like a winner.

1. Find out what he likes to recieve from you. If you don't know this then find out.

2. When you give to the person you love it helps you to feel the love inside you.

3. Make the person you love feel like a winner everyday! This spills over and comes back to you.

Let me know how this works! A Sedona retreat is the perfect place to release your stress and find the inner peace you deserve! Oprah and Gary Neuman did a great job presenting tips from The Truth About Cheating.