Feb 18, 2008

Obama, Clinton and President George Washington

Today we celebrate George Washington's birthday. Let's hope that whoever wins be it Clinton or Obama that they will have the admiration and respect that lives on for president Washington. One of my favorite quotes from President Washington is "Associate with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation; for it is better to be alone than in bad company. "

When we look at this quote how may of us care more about our own reputation and are willing to go against peer pressure? Many times we get caught up in wanting to feel wanted and needed and associate with people who we don't 'esteem' or even care for. I suppose that President Washington was saying that we need to have high self esteem. Here are a couple of tips for building high self esteeem.

1. Self Acceptance of both good qualities and the personality traits that you don't like. Make a list of 10 things that you love about yourself and 10 areas you want to improve. Spend 5 minutes each day seeing the good qualities first then seeing the areas you are working to improve.

2. Learn to stop the critical voice inside. This voice is usually either your mom or dad and has been internalized. This critical voice shows up in co-workers and parternships both business and personal. Once you stop the inner critic the outer critic will no longer show up.

3. Take a look at this story of an 88 year old man who decided to start ballet at 79. We are never too old to change and start something that we love and enjoy! If you are looking for a new start check out our retreats.

Feb 17, 2008

Obama vs Clinton, and Heart Health Tips

Obama and Clinton must be under tremendous stress right now. How do your support your heart and health and deal with your stress level? Denial isn't a good way to deal with stress. Feburary is Heart Health Awareness month follow our tips to keep your heart healthy.

1. Remember to breath deeply. Have your ever noticed that when you are stressed that your shoulders begin to creep up toward your ears? If you are aware at that moment you probably also notice that you are barely bearthing--deepending on the stress level. If you continue to shut down your breath this can be the beginning of a migraine headache. The stress points in the shoulders can trigger a pain pattern that shoots pain from the shoulders up the back of the head and to the front of your face. These headaches can be dibilitating for some people. Massage can release these trigger points.

2. When you are under extra stress, eating healthy and maintaining an excercise program are essential. Yoga, is a great way to move your body, release stress, and calm your mind. Conscious breathing will assist you to release stress that has accumulated in your body. Another great stress release is EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique click here to see a video and gather more tools.

3. At Retreat and Heal we offer tools to deal with your stress through massage, EFT, hypnotherapy, hikes at the Sedona Vortex sites, and a safe place to heal your body, mind, and spirit. A retreat can be just what the doctor ordered to escape the hectic pace of your stressful lifestyle. If you don't have time or money to get away schedule time to watch a sunset and just sit and absorb the beauty of the moment and breath away your stress.

Feb 14, 2008

Oprah, Love, Romance and Valentine's Day

What are you watching on TV for romance on Valentine's Day? Oprah may be a good pick for the woman in the house but probably better to pick a movie like Notebook to spice up your romance. We just watched Hitch last night. It was a sweet gift from my honey for our 17th anniversary. Looking for a romantic movie to share with your Valentine? Try Notebook.

Notebook was a 2004 best romantic movie of the year. Ryan Gosling and Racheal McAdams star in this tear-jerker about first love. Allie and Noah meet at a carnival and fall madly in love. But, Allie's rich family doesn't approve of poor Noah and forces them apart. The Notebook is definitely a flick that you have to watch with a box of Kleenex at your side.

Happy Valentine's Day. Hope you share your love with someone very special. If you are looking for a very specail Valentine's gift check out our retreats.

Feb 12, 2008

Wordless Wednesday's Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day Tomorrow!
What is your Valentine's Wish?

Oprah and Randy Pausch and his Love Secrets to Live Life In Love

Have you seen the video of his last lecture on Oprah?What a wonderful inspiring speach by someone who is being faced by death. Another message similar to The Bucket List encouraging us to make each moment count. This speach is fouced on staying in touch with our childhood dreams and allowing ourselves to manifest our deepest heart's desire.

What is your deepest childhood dream that you left behind but still lingers unexpressed? What can you do today to move yourself closer to your dreams?

If you have lost your dreams and feel completely out of touch with yourself and your dreams a retreat can be a way to reconnect.

Feb 11, 2008

Linked In, Facebook, YouTube and Sealed with a Kiss

You are probably wondering what Linked In, Facebook, and YouTube has to do with a Kiss? Well here is the deal I have a profile on each of these sites. I can't send you a kiss if you connect to me there but I will send a special valentine gift to all those who connect to me on any of these sites.

Have you ever thought about what a Kiss means to you? Valentine's Day is just around the corner and here is an article on smootching and how the gender's percieve the kiss differently. Take a look at the article and research over at Washington Post. The author, Rob Stein explians the different perceptions of a kiss and how each gender has their own agenda for the kiss. Women use the kiss to determine if the partner is a potential good fit while the male kisses to move the relationship a step closer to the bedroom. Not too surprising--huh?

Do you have a favorite kiss story you are willing to share? My favorite kiss story is the story of my current husband and our first kiss. I still remember how much love I felt and I am sure I was using my perceptions to determine if I could trust his love and if we would be a good fit. If you want to overhaul your relationship with your mate or just create a deeper relationship with spirit check out our retreats.

Feb 10, 2008

Bucket List A Great Movie

Just saw The Bucket List and loved the movie. It has a great message and very well done. One of my favorite lines was; He died with a smile on his face and with his heart open. One of the major inspirations from the movie is to find you joy.

If you want to laugh until you cry this movie is a must see. When you leave you will be thinking about your own buket list. These are a few that I went away with.

1. I want to tell the ones I love just how much I love them each chance I get. You never know when you will kick the bucket so make the most of each moment.
2. I want to laugh at myself each day and remember to lighten up. Laughter is the best medicine. I want to give it to myself and pass it on to others as often as possible.
3. I want to watch a sunrise and a sunset at least once a month and take in all the beauty my eyes can feast on. Beauty is all around us but our eyes must be open to take it in. I want to take the blinders off and see the beauty each day.

Has anyone added to their bucket list or have you seen The Bucket List? Leave me your thoughts about the bucket list!Remember if you are looking to escape the cold check out our retreats!

Feb 8, 2008

Election Polls, Storms, Devastation and Hope!

Did you vote this week? Hope you did. Whether you voted for Clinton or Obama, we all continue to wait and hope. We all hold a vision that the winner will stay in their integrity and do their best to move our country forward to a better tomorrow.

Did you hear about this little boy on the left thrown 300 feet? TheAssociated Press recaps the story and says that Kyson's story emerged as a tale of hope amid spectacular misery. Residents in Tennessee, Kentucky, Mississippi, Alabama and Arkansas tried to piece their lives back together after the nation's deadliest twister rampage in two decades killed 59 people. How do we find hope in even the darkest of times?

Life is a continuous story of unraveling ups and downs. In order to stay centered in love and hope; follow these daily steps.

1. Weather you are experiencing a temporary blessing looking off the top of the mountain or you are in one of life's deepest down cycles--take a break and watch a beautiful sunset. Be in the moment with the peace and beauty you feel. With each set of the sun let everything from the day and what is behind dissolve with the setting sun.

2. Before bed take inventory of your day and notice how your feel. Do you have things lingering in your mind wanting your attention?In order to get a relaxing and rejuvenating sleep these things need to be completed and filed away--mentally put them in a file labeled Angel's File. This gives your mind permission to release it for the night and sets the stage for a deep refreshing sleep. In Love's Secret you will find tools throughout for releasing overwhelming emotions and bringing yourself back to center to live your life in love.

Do you have secrets for releasing dark times of despair or miracles that came from hard times ? Share them with me.

Feb 3, 2008

SuperBowl, Touchdown, Goal Post and Love's Secret

What are your SuperBowl Plans? Connie Ragan Smith over at Ebook Writing and Secrets has some great ideas. And Love's Secret can help you to make a touchdown with your relationship commitment issues. Create a Goal Post by creating a vision of what you want to create in your relationship. A template for creating your vision is included in Love's Secret. Your vision becomes your goal post and by keeping your communication channels open you are empowered to create a touchdown.

Are you headed for a touchdown or losing yards daily? 50% of all marriages fail. A sure sign of a losing game in football is to have someone intercept your pass and lose yardage and get pushed back from the goal post.

What is pushing you back from your goal post? Communication problems, money problems, old habits; whatever your challenge Love's Secret offers assistance. Couples spend a lot of money on entertainment yet neglect to spend money on the most important part of their life--their relationship partnership.

Check out our couples retreats in Sedona, Arizona and Warner Springs, CA. If you need a break from the cold and snow join us March 9-14 in Warner Springs, CA and soak in healing mineral waters, hike, yoga and rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit.

With Valentine's Day just around the corner you may be looking for a Valentine's gift. Our retreats are a wonderful way to say I love you. What is the best Valentine's gift that you have ever recieved, or given? Did it gain you yardage and create a touchdown in your relationship?

Feb 2, 2008

Get Clear-Get Organized and Declutter--GTD

For alot of people the Soprano's is a regular on their schedule. One of the comments that Tony Soprano made recently was "Eat what is on your plate first." A great action plan for getting our lives on track and creating ripples of inner peace.

A great new book that keeps showing up in Business Week, Wall Street Journal, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble gives empowering advice on self management. Balancing life and work is challenging grab some great tools over at David Allen's site on GTD. David offers easy to apply advice and tools to help us all stop being distracted by uncompleted thoughts and tasks that plague our mind. You can also view a wonderful lecture that David gave for Google over on Youtube.

Have you ever thought about how you manage your energy? When you are constantly distracted by your long list of uncompleted tasks--you waste your energy. Even more needless energy is wasted on worrying about what we are not current with. Worrying is a self sabotaging habit and squanders your energy and creates toxins that depletes your immune response. A cluttered mind results in a cluttered life and creates an endless loop of chaos.
In our hurry, worry world we all need a helping hand. Gift your self an energy break. Take a pad and write down three things you want to accomplish today. Once you accomplish these three things then reward yourself. Sit and sip a warm cup of green tea, or sit in the sun and soak up 15 minutes of sunshine. Fifteen minutes of sun gives your body an energy boost. What is your favorite gift to give yourself as a reward. Mine is a walk in nature.