May 7, 2015

Moms Retreat to Honor Motherhood

Retreats are a great way to honor the mother or grandmother in your life. Moms give without thinking of the return. Many have a day that starts with sun up and doesn't end with the setting sun. Here are some tips to give back to Mom.

1. Have #mom retreat and listen to relaxing music to release her stress and reconnect to inner peace. During her #relaxing break light a candle and have her focus on the healing light of the candle and allow the healing energy to clear her stress.

2.While #mom is relaxing, run a warm tub of water and add two drops neroli, two drops lavendar, and two drops of clary sage; mix in a tablespoon of honey. Honey is a good carrier for #essential oils and helps it mix with the water. Swirl this into the tub, turn off all phones, ipads, all outside distrations, and have mom relax and let go.

We would love to #pamper you and your mom. Let us create a #mother daughter retreat just for the two of you. We have created special retreats for eleven years.