Jun 8, 2011

Need Inner Peace~Retreat In the Moment

Retreat is a necessity in our world today. Weather disasters, economic concerns, and the stress of everyday life. You can retreat no matter where you are or what is happening and reclaim inner peace.

Create a refuge in your mind and experience inner peace in a moment's notice. With the stress of the economy causing more and more anxiety, tension, and stress; stress management is a valuable tool. Here are some quick tools to keep you centered no matter what is going on around you.

1. Decide on a symbol or picture that creates inner peace for you. When I want to feel peace, I visualize a place in nature that I love. When I visualize this place I also hold the feeling of peace. Each time I visit my "peaceful place" and hold the feeling of peace, I deepen my ability to feel "inner peace".

2. Each time you notice yourself feeling stress or fearing or worrying. Hit the delete button and visit your peaceful place. With each visit in the moment you will experience more and deeper "inner peace".

3. Fear and worry deplete your energy and create stress hormones that create disease. With consistent practice you can change your "stress habits" to a "peace habit". Once you can see your peaceful place, and feel "inner peace" add the feeling of gratitude for having this beautiful and peaceful place. As you hold the feeling of peace, say an anchor phrase (I choose to feel peace now), see your peaceful place, and hold the feeling of gratitude. Take five long deep breaths. Feel all the cells, and atoms of your body bathed in love and light.

Leave me a message and let me know how this works for you. Also leave me a message with your most challenging stress and I will leave you tools to release your stress.

Retreat and Heal offers Personal Healing Retreats for healing body, mind and spirit. Below Kim and Preston share their experience from her retreat. You can see that they reconnected with inner peace and gained an ability to calm their mind and emotions. We would love to share the healing energy of Sedona with you. Sedona is a beautiful place to retreat and heal.