Nov 13, 2008

Sedona Spiritual Retreats, Full Moon, Gratitude and Thanksgiving

Spiritual Retreat is used by our retreat visitors to align with their purpose and gain clarity. Do you feel that you are aligned with your purpose? Take a look at our Full Moon Video. Follow these tools to find clarity and align with your purpose.

Take our life quiz here. Once you journal and get clarity on where you are in your life, it gives you a starting point. Next, journal and ask for clarity on exactly what you want create. This is a great time of year to clear your slate from the past year, so you can begin next year, with clarity and an action plan.

Make a list of the top ten things that you enjoy. Meditate on one of these top ten each day. Which one brings the most joy? What do you find easiest to "day dream" about? How could you expand on this joy and share it with others? As a child it probably was one of your favorite activities to "day dream". If you had a blank slate without limits what would you create for your life? Email me and send me your favorite "day dream".

A Spiritual retreat is a great place to clear your slate, and allow yourself time to "day dream". We would love to assist you to create a special holiday gift retreat for yourself or a loved one.