Oct 27, 2007

Want more love, passion and romance

Retreat and Heal offers couples retreats in Sedona, Arizona. Our retreats heal body, mind and spirit. If you would like to experience more love, passion, and romance in your life our retreats empower you with an action plan.

Follow these five steps to release anxiety and overwhelm.
1. Take a break and push the pause button on your life. A retreat gives you time to clear your mind and gain clarity.
2. During your break. Take time in nature and journal each day. Get clear on the things that are working in your life and what you want.
3. Make a plan to restructure your lifestyle. Make a realistic plan that is simple and easy to follow. Work your plan by focusing on what you want. Spend time each day in meditation focusing on what you want to create.
4. Make time in your schedule to move your body. This can be dancing, walking, jogging, yoga, or biking. Whatever has meaning for you--create a plan and just do it! Moving your body keeps stuck emtions moving and avoids the feelings of frustration, fear, and overwhelm.
5. Make a commitment to follow through with your plan for 21-days. It takes 21 days to create a new habit. Make a commitment and follow through to make it happen.

Oct 19, 2007

Does Britney have love linked to Pain and Drama

Everyone wants to feel loved, and yet 50% of all marriages end in divorce, similar to Britneys. Love's Secret Live Your Life In Love, offers couples an action plan to leave pain and drama behind and create love.
When a child is conditioned to experience love only when it feels pain or trauma love becomes wired neurologically to pain. Once this conditioning is set, they continue to recreate pain and drama in an attempt to feel love. This is a conflicting belief system and could be the underlying cause of 50% of all marriages that fail.
Love's Secret offers couples proven tools to cut love's connection to pain and drama. The Secret and The Law of attraction offer couples the awareness that what they think, is what they attract. Yet most couples feel stuck in pain and lack the skills to bring about the change they desire. http://www.retreatandheal.com Visit our website, or amazon.com and order your copy of Love's Secret. When you order your copy before Oct 31 you will receive a free 15 minute consultation.

Oct 13, 2007

Al Gore gets Nobel Prize--in time for national blogging day

National blog day to make a difference is October 15. Al Gore was just awarded a nobel prize for his work with global warming. Many still deny any relationship between global warming and emissions and co2. Yet, extreme weather conditions are happening daily if anyone is aware. For the first time in history the summer was so extremely hot that the northwest passage is open for shipping. Fires in the west, in Florida, and more hurricanes than ever in history with typhoons in China, and tsunami's leave our world in turmoil.

Still in reading blogs I have noticed that some still deny a relationship with our changing weather patterns and global warming. It is apparent that our leaders are not concerned with our health and environment--simply money, and power. Until we wake up and decide to make our voices heard and demand that our leaders take steps to produce healthier alternatives for transporation our future is unsure.

The technology is available for producing electric and other alternative fueled cars. In a state like Arizona the technology is available for solar energy yet the solar cells are still not affordable for mainstream. What can we do to make a difference? Direct our money where our values are. Don't buy new vehicles, until the industry produces vehicles that are better for our environment.

Oct 9, 2007

Passion test can love last beyond initial passion--Love's Secret has the answer

Passion pulls couples together and then pain can push love relationships apart. Passion and Pain seem to be the universal love dance. Many in hollywood are drawn together by passion and then soon pushed apart by the pain of past hurts and trauma.
Pregnant Christina Aguilera and her husband Jordan Bratman, announces her baby registry. After losing custody, of her children Britney Spears reunites with her mother. James Van Der Beek, slow dances with wife Heather McComb to "The Joker" at West Hollywood hot spot Winston's. Also there Julia Roberts and husband Danny Moder, dressed down in jeans, dancing and holding each other close. Brad Pitt and Angelina are ready for their fifth child and direct their passion toward creating affordable housing, eco issues, and other world issues.
The love relationship is not always easy to survive and keep the embers of passion alive and blazing. Love's Secret tip for today is to find an anchor tool to bring you back to love. As a couple if you are commited to the relationship then agree to find a word to keep you focused on love. When life brings up old habits and issues that push your buttons agree to bring your focus back to love. When you consistently bring your focus back to what is most important in your life you can establish new love habits. As you reclaim your power, you can choose to leave pain and drama in the past.

Oct 8, 2007

Typhoon Korsa landed in China--16th typhoon to hit China this year

Creating peace in a world with environmental changes and disasters, economic and financial change and uncertainty--is a challenge. Love's Secret offers tools to create inner peace in the midst of the chaos. World peace starts with creating inner peace.

October 15 is national blogging to make a difference and this year it is focused on the environment. What can we all do to make a difference? The first step is take individual responsibility to create inner peace and take action to send that inner peace into your community, state, country and then to the planet. Take action steps each day to take your power back from packaged foods and buy locally. Purchase foods, herbs, and products that are produced as close to your home as possible. Eat at home and avoid take out and driving to eat out. Recycle your plastics, cans, and cardboard. This is a practice that takes some time and for many has not yet become a habit. Demand electric car alternatives and plug in technology for our cars. Our environment will not change until we stand up and take action and demand car makers to create cars that are more environmentally friendly. We can reduce the co2, if we all speak up, speak out and take action and only then will we be heard.

Take action to take your power back from chaos and habits that rob your inner peace. Once you have more inner peace you will have more energy to take action steps for the environment. Decide what you want in your life and commit 15 minutes each day to visualize our world at peace and then see yourself living your life at peace, in tune with the law of attraction. Once you know what your want and commit your energy to it you will create it.

If you need more information or want a free coaching session to create your life vision purchase two copies of Love's Secret either through our website at http://www.retreatandheal.com or through Amazon.com. Annie Lawrence has over twenty years experience and is offering for a limited time a free coaching session with the purchase of two of her books. Love's Secret is a wonderful gift for anyone wanting to experience more love in their life.

Oct 7, 2007

Love's Secret Review--How to Live Your Life In Love

Reviews received for Love's Secret Live Your Life In Love:

"The Secret to life-long love is not a secret to those who read the wise words of Annie Lawrence. Her clear and simple tools empower you to create the love you want." Best selling author Susun Weed.

"Make your dream relationship a reality. Follow Annie's love vision to live your life in love with the love of your life." Author of Inside the Atom, Dr. Don Engelhardt

Winning the love relationship dance requires skill and a game plan. It doesn’t happen by chance. Love relationship's dance floor is riddled with mine fields from past hurts and traumas. Love’s Secret provides a vision for love, and proven tools and solutions to release the past, and keep you focused on love.

Today's Love's Secret tip is to spend time reflecting and get in touch with what you want. Next, create a vision of what you want in life. Most people travel through life without a clue as to what they want, and end up living their life by default. This is like going on a very expensive and important vacation without a map. Once you know what you want, create a vision of how you want your life to be. Then commit to 15 minutes each day to be quiet and focus on your vision.

You are worth 15 minutes each day to create your dream life and relationship. Send me your questions or comments on how to create your vision or for a love's vision template go to http://www.retreatandheal.com/products.html and purchase your copy of Love's Secret.

For an awesome contest follow this link on Problogger for help in blogging http://www.problogger.net/archives/2007/10/07/last-24-hour-giveaway-review-something/#comments.

Oct 6, 2007

Britney's Emotions out of control??

Britney seems to have her emotions on auto-pilot? Her emotions appear to be out of control and she seems lost as to how to change it? Dr Phil says it might be time to commit her??

You may not be as lost as Britney, but still experiencing emotional pain, and need some tools. Love's Secret offers proven emotional self help to focus your self and your energy.

Love's Secret, similar to The Secret, and both relationship self help books, offer answers about the wife relationship role, and the husband relationship role, and how to focus on love. Self therapy tools are offered in Love's Secret and today's tip is to remain present and take your emtions off auto-pilot. An easy tool to stay present is also referred to as self yoga. Yoga means union so as you create union within your body, mind, and spirit, it becomes easier to stay present.

To take your emotions off auto-pilot you must create more union within with your self yoga. This means becoming aware of words, thoughts, and habits that cause you to either shut down or create inner battles. When thoughts spin out of control within this creates anxiety, depression, and frustration. As you take you power back from habituated thought patterns and habits it becomes easier through self yoga to create inner peace.

Practice self-yoga today and repeat the mantra "I choose to feel safe, and experience inner peace." Notice any thoughts that might arise that try to pull you out of inner peace. As you notice these thoughts through your self yoga stay centered and choose to release the thoughts. Notice your reaction to life and your relationships and keep bringing yourself back to "inner peace."

Oct 4, 2007

Dr. Phil gives Britney advice!

Will Britney wake up and take Dr Phil's advice or lose her children permently? According to recent research millions of children have parents who are addicted to drugs. Take your power back from old habits that cause drug and alcohol addiction. Drug and alcohol addiction destroy marriages and cause extreem pain and trauma for children.

Why reach for drugs and alcohol to numb your emotions? Most would agree that they reach for drugs and alcohol to numb painful emotions. Emotional Freedom Technique is a proven tool to disolve old hurt and trauma and assist in taking your power back from addiction.

Love's Secret tip for the day to stay focused on love is to learn which emotions you are avoiding. You may learn that you are addicted to certain emotions and attract situations that recreate these emotions. Start an emotions journal to learn which emotions you recreate that keep you either angry, resentful, or frustrated. You will discover emotions that you recreate often, and then shut down with drugs and alcohol. Once you become familiar with how you are creating your emotional hell then you can contact someone professisonally to assist you to remove the emotional addiction that causes you to reach for your substance addiction. This can be drugs, alcohol, food, sex, or relationships there are many different addicitons.

Retreats are a good way to take yourself out of your environment and spend time doing some inner reflection to find the root to your emotional pain and addiction. Post your questions or comments and I will respond with further tools and support.

Oct 1, 2007

Britney loses her children--could Love's Secret help??

Young people are seeking escape through numbing drugs, alcohol, and or prescription drugs to releive pain, and escape reality. Britney was on top of the charts and for a while seemed to have it all. Did she hit the big time before she had the emotional maturity to handle stardom? Do young people bring children into the picture by choice or by accident? What can we do to guide our youth to make better more responsible choices?

Love's Secret offers hope for all ages to release pain and drama and create love. The tip today is to own your emotions and learn that you are not your emotions. Learn to breathe and resist the urge to shut down and disown whatever you are feeling. Yoga, tai chi, jogging, tennis, handball, biking while you are feeling you emotions will help to move the emotions and then release them. Shutting down and numbing emotions only postpones the pain and is not a solution.

Next time you are feeling sad, angry, hurt, dissappointed, guilty, fearful or anxious take the opportunity to move the energy by taking a walk. Name the emotion and as you walk make a conscious decision to let it go ie, I am releasing this fear with each step and choosing to feel safe. For more information on releasing emotions follow this link http://www.retreatandheal.com/EFT_Tool.html