Apr 4, 2011

Are You Living Your Purpose

If you could create anything in the world you want what would it be? What does success mean to you?

You can't apply the Law of Attraction to achieve the results you want until you have a vision for what you want. What does success mean to you? What makes you feel successful and passionate in your life? The abundance and success that you are craving is held in the feelings that come from being successful. Combine the feelings of success doing something you feel passionate about and you find your purpose.

At different times in my life success has had different meanings and my passion has also shifted over the years. When my children were young I was passionate about feeding them healthy foods and made everything from scratch. I also studied holistic health, herbs, and healing and applied it in our family life. Later it became a passion to share my knowledge of healing and health with others and I opened a state approved school of holistic health for eleven years. Then my passion shifted when we sold the school and moved to Arizona. Healing, teaching, and health have been my passion for several years and the feeling of success is seeing others shift their habits from negative out grown habits to habits that support inner peace.

In order to get in touch with your purpose and passion and what success feels like to you. Set aside time to be alone and undisturbed by phones or distractions. Light a green candle and hold the intention to align with your purpose and passion. Then focus on the exercise below.

1. Determine what Success means to you. Once you determine what success means and the feelings that it holds for you; you can build your action plan.

2. Begin to visualize yourself experiencing success in your own personal dream of success. Set aside 15 minutes each day to see, and feel yourself experiencing success on a daily basis. (ie:Imagine yourself in a loving partnership, with loving supportive friendships, and in work that feeds your body, mind and spirit.)

3. The feelings of success are the most important part. Once you begin experiencing the feelings of success on a daily basis. Your feelings and visualizations will draw the success to you using the law of attraction.

Our retreats allow you the time away from your life to gain clarity and focus your attention on YOU. Clarity comes when we remove the stress and old emotions that you may have stuffed from old habits of shutting down. With our years of experience and tools we empower you to live your purpose with passion. We look forward to meeting you in Sedona. Retreat and Heal will celebrate it's eight year serving Sedona with spiritual retreats this year.