Apr 9, 2009

Relationship Advice--Plant a Love Garden

Relationship advice to keep your love garden flourishing. Follow my Love Byte or Love Secret to plant your love garden and harvest lasting love, romance, and passion.

Follow these love secrets to plant your Love Garden.

1. Love is like a garden and must be nurtured daily with love and kindness. Plant seeds of love by focusing on the things you love most about your mate.

2. Old habits and survival skills smother you ability to keep your heart open. Stop thoughts of fear, jealousy, and resentment by pressing pause. Take a deep breath and hold thoughts of love and acceptance instead.

3. Making choices that support love require constant presence and focus. Avoid the old habit of checking out and going on "auto-pilot", by practicing "being present". When you find yourself checking out--bring yourself back take a deep breath and check-in instead. As you practice presence it will become easier and easier to make a conscious choice to stay present.

4. You will reap rewards in your relationship equal or greater to the time commitment you give. Our couples retreats empower you with even more great tools to plan your love garden and keep your love, romance and passion alive.

Happy planting and happy harvesting in your love garden. To support your love garden and spring planting go here to get your copy of Loves Secret and free EFT Session. I hope that you enjoy my relationship advice and that you keep your love garden flourishing.