Jul 19, 2012

Retreat to Create a Safe Haven

Is your relationship a safe haven or toxic dump? Couples enter a relationship with high expectations for years of passionate love and sex. At the same time both partners come with a large bag of emotional baggage from their childhood and past relationships. Retreat and Heal offers tools to clear your baggage and reconnect to love.

Next time you find yourself choosing old habits like shutting down and pushing your partner away; take a deep breath and choose to respond with love. In the moment you may feel that you will literally die if you face your fears and keep your heart open. Trust yourself to face the fear and watch it dissolve. Each and every time you allow yourself to face the fear it dissolves the habit of shutting down, and it loses it's control over you. You also build a new habit to keep your heart open to and share love.

Retreat and Heal offers retreats to connect you deeply to self love and empowers you with tools to express this love through relationships. Our retreats are now booked through the end of August the first dates available for retreat are Sept 2. Contact us now to book your fall visit to Sedona and Retreat and Heal.