Mar 23, 2008

Oprah, Eckhart, Faith and Spirituality Free Webinar

Are you ready to Awaken Spiritually? I am joining Oprah and Eckhart on their free webinar and enjoying each lesson. Join us live through and be a part a spiritual awakening on the planet. Also go over to and tell me how you demonstrate faith. What does faith mean to your life and what is your life purpose.
In Love's Secret Live Your Life In Love, I share secrets to live in harmony in each day of your life. Relationships show us in each day exactly where we are. If we are happy and harmonius our relationship will be loving and supportive. On the other hand if we are holding on to our story and our conditioning from our past, we will find stuggle in our life and relationship.
Let me know what works for you to build happiness and harmony in your life.