Feb 8, 2008

Election Polls, Storms, Devastation and Hope!

Did you vote this week? Hope you did. Whether you voted for Clinton or Obama, we all continue to wait and hope. We all hold a vision that the winner will stay in their integrity and do their best to move our country forward to a better tomorrow.

Did you hear about this little boy on the left thrown 300 feet? TheAssociated Press recaps the story and says that Kyson's story emerged as a tale of hope amid spectacular misery. Residents in Tennessee, Kentucky, Mississippi, Alabama and Arkansas tried to piece their lives back together after the nation's deadliest twister rampage in two decades killed 59 people. How do we find hope in even the darkest of times?

Life is a continuous story of unraveling ups and downs. In order to stay centered in love and hope; follow these daily steps.

1. Weather you are experiencing a temporary blessing looking off the top of the mountain or you are in one of life's deepest down cycles--take a break and watch a beautiful sunset. Be in the moment with the peace and beauty you feel. With each set of the sun let everything from the day and what is behind dissolve with the setting sun.

2. Before bed take inventory of your day and notice how your feel. Do you have things lingering in your mind wanting your attention?In order to get a relaxing and rejuvenating sleep these things need to be completed and filed away--mentally put them in a file labeled Angel's File. This gives your mind permission to release it for the night and sets the stage for a deep refreshing sleep. In Love's Secret you will find tools throughout for releasing overwhelming emotions and bringing yourself back to center to live your life in love.

Do you have secrets for releasing dark times of despair or miracles that came from hard times ? Share them with me.