Apr 27, 2015

Retreat to Sedona Retrain Your Brain to Create Inner Calm and Peace

A Retreat can be just a moment away when you have the tools. Retreat doesn't always have to mean a long journey and lots of time. A short retreat from your life can bring feelings of inner calm and recharge your energy. Do your have habits of constant "worry", always fearing the worst? Many of our retreat guests have these habits left over from childhood.

Retreat to Sedona and gather our effective tools to retrain your brain. EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) clears away emotional trauma and fears that block your inner peace. Hypnotherapy clears the subconscious brain of memories and habits that no longer serve your life. These perceived threats keep your nervous system on hyper-alert causing an overproduction of toxic stress chemicals keeping your body on hyper alert; poised for fight or flight. This constant chemical dumping in your cells stresses not only your nervous system, and immune system but every cell in your body.

Retreat and Heal offers year round Personal Healing Retreats focused on you and your interests. Let us create a retreat based on your needs and stop the avalanche of toxic chemicals. Our retreats are the perfect escape from your hectic life and a special gift for yourself. Clear your emotional bag and spend the rest of your year with clarity and purpose. A Retreat can reset your "normal set point" to feeling peaceful and calm.