Jul 6, 2008

Law of Attraction Action Step for Today

Law of Attraction Master Mind Group July teleseminars, start July 8 and run for four weeks. Each session is recorded, so if you can't make the calls personally, you will still get the information. In the last couple of weeks I have shared actions steps, to clear away your blocks to success, with the Law of Attraction. Today's action step is to make your goals, based on what makes you happy.

1. In your journal, write down the biggest dream you can imagine. As a start to building
your dream take our Life Evaluation test here.

2. Paste pictures in your journal, that support your goals and dreams. Be sure and make your health and happiness the center of your pictures, and everything else radiates out from there.

3. Schedule in 15 minutes each day to look at your goals, and see yourself living each one. Feel what it feels like to have all your goals in your life now. Feel gratitude for having your goals in your life, as if they already exist.

Add energy and support to your goals and dreams, join our July Teleseminar series. Also take a look at our Fall Warner Springs retreat. Join with our Warner Springs retreat group, to Master the Law of Attraction and Find Your Purpose. Make this one of your goals, and manifest this as a reward for your focused work on yourself. Our next Law of Attraction Master Mind free teleseminar, is tomorrow, Monday evening at 6 pm, pacific time. Join us to master the Law of Thinking and the Law of Attraction.