Oct 27, 2007

Want more love, passion and romance

Retreat and Heal offers couples retreats in Sedona, Arizona. Our retreats heal body, mind and spirit. If you would like to experience more love, passion, and romance in your life our retreats empower you with an action plan.

Follow these five steps to release anxiety and overwhelm.
1. Take a break and push the pause button on your life. A retreat gives you time to clear your mind and gain clarity.
2. During your break. Take time in nature and journal each day. Get clear on the things that are working in your life and what you want.
3. Make a plan to restructure your lifestyle. Make a realistic plan that is simple and easy to follow. Work your plan by focusing on what you want. Spend time each day in meditation focusing on what you want to create.
4. Make time in your schedule to move your body. This can be dancing, walking, jogging, yoga, or biking. Whatever has meaning for you--create a plan and just do it! Moving your body keeps stuck emtions moving and avoids the feelings of frustration, fear, and overwhelm.
5. Make a commitment to follow through with your plan for 21-days. It takes 21 days to create a new habit. Make a commitment and follow through to make it happen.