Jan 5, 2008

Mommy Doodle a great blog at blogger

Mommy Doodle is a great site to pick up ideas on graphics and loved the holiday craft shared. I also am a mom and love doodling with my grandsons age 1 and 2.

Here is a great doodle idea for grandmoms. We just purchased a small card table and chairs for tots and I can sit in it with my grandsons and we love doodling with crayons together and creating a picture. We then post it to our refrigerator. Our grandson always notices that we have that posted from his former visit.

Happy new year gandmoms, moms, and doodlers. Remember to take time to play and enjoy your children, and grandchildren they grow up much too soon!

Just found Santa Claus--And Made a Wish

http://www.retreatandheal.com/products.html Santa has a blog located right here on blogger.com. Wish I had know that earlier--he offers some light hearted cheer that is valuable in our everyday life. Stop by and get your wish in for 2008 early.

By the way Santa if you read this post it would be great if you could post a review of Love's Secret on your blog. I know that it can help your readers learn to live their life in love and leave pain and drama behind. Here is a review that I just received and you can find a podcast interview here http://podcast.revvell.com/2007/11/20/revvell-interviews-annie-lawrence.aspx.

This is a wonderful book. In it, Annie B. Lawrence describes her own relationships and gives examples from her own practice of various situations she has encountered with her clients. What I enjoyed about this book is 1) true life examples; 2) questions one may ask of oneself to get deeper into situations 3) envisioning and 4) EFT exercises you can do yourself to assist in bringing your love into reality. In this book, there is no blame. It's about finding out where you are and how to get where you want to be. Easy to read; easy to understand. If you need a coach, Annie is available AND, I'd suggest you check out her beautiful location in Sedona Arizona.
Revvell P. Revati, N.H.E.'s "http://podcast.TheBookCrawler.com".

Hope all your wishes come are granted for 2008!

What's Your Consumption Factor? Creating An environment we can live in

In a New York Times Article entitled "What's Your Consumption Factor" we are given new insight into our foot print we are leaving on our environment. We are impacting our environment 32 times more than developing countries. The average rates at which people consume resources like oil and metals, and produce wastes like plastics and greenhouse gases, are about 32 times higher in North America, Western Europe, Japan and Australia than they are in the developing world. That factor of 32 has big consequences.

As we begin our new year it is a good time to consider how we can change our consumption factor so that we can lessen our foot print on our environment. As stated in http://livinginatoxicworld.blogspot.com/ those countries that consume most leave a heavier foot print and in order to preserve our environment for our children must work to reduce our consumption.

We can choose to be the change we want to see in our world and work to reduce our consumption and thereby reduce our environmental footprint. Our environment, our own health, and the future of our children depend on us.