Mar 2, 2010

Retreat to Connect with Your GPS

Retreat is a great way to connect with your inner GPS. Many people would never think about traveling without their GPS, however we have an inner GPS much more valuable than all the GPS systems available.

Your inner guidance system is always on and always guiding your way, however, you must use it often to discern the correct voice. Different voices are guiding your path, voices from your inner child that may sound fearful and cautious. The voice from your guidance system is guiding you toward your highest path and greatest good. However, it may be urging you to choose a different course in life. This could sound fearful in the beginning because it is new and different. Are you able to discern which voice is guiding you? Are you moving toward your goals and dreams?

Here are two challenges to connect with you inner guidance system more deeply. Step out of your comfort zone, take a yoga or meditation class and stretch beyond your self imposed limits. Take a walk in nature and veer off the beaten path for a short distance. Are you becoming too dependent on technology? Is it crippling your intuition and the ability to trust your inner guidance? When you disconnect to your technical devices do you feel fear?

Retreat from your technology driven life and get back to your self and your own inner guidance. Our Retreats in Sedona offer you a safe place to retreat and heal your body, mind and spirit.