Dec 26, 2008

Spiritual Healing, 2009 and Group Visualization for Health and Wealth

Spiritual Healing may be your goal for 2009, if so we have Sedona Spiritual Retreats to support your healing. Just what is Spiritual Healing and how do you support your healing? Do you have pain in your body or emotional pain that you are ready to release?

One of the first steps in healing pain either emotional or physical is to acknowledge that pain has two roots. What I mean by that is that all pain has both emotional aspects and if it isn't yet it will eventually become physical. Take a look at the EFT Tools video here. EFT is one of the tools that we offer through our retreats to heal physical pain such as headaches, back pain, and physical pain of all kinds. EFT has been effective for both physical and emotional pain. Love's Secret is an EFT manual for healing emotional and physical pain.

Join us Sunday at 11 am MST for our group visualization for Unlimited Health and Wealth for 2009. EFT can release both your emotional and physical pain and bring you the spiritual healing you deserve.