Dec 3, 2008

Sedona Retreats, Holiday Secrets for Happiness and Success

Sedona Retreats are a great place to clear away the patterns that might be blocking your flow of money. Today I was reading a book that was given to me by a friend. The book is "Inspiration Sandwich" by Sark. It is a great little book of inspiration with stories to inspire our creative freedom. Here is one of my favorite stories about money, belief, and creation.

"Years ago, in the Bahamas, I had no money, and was tired of sleeping in the lounge chairs by the pool. I went to one of The Big Hotels and asked to see the manager. I told him that I would like to babysit or teach swimming in exchange for a room. He just looked at me, and then reached into a drawer, took out a set of keys and putshed them across the desk. He said "Take these. I was young and broke once too." The keys opened the door to a pent house on the top floor. I lived there for a month.

How many times do we get in our own way when we get inspiration? Rather than act, we explain it away by saying that we don't have the money, time, experience, talent, too old, too young, etc. Inspiration and direction come to us often, but gets lost in old belief patterns and lack of action.

Practice listening to your inspiration and putting it into action. What are you afraid will happen if you do? That you will fail or succeed? Write me a note and let me know what happens when you follow through with your inspiration. Remember Sark says that Impossible means I'm possible. Plant all your impossible seeds, and dreams and see what blooms!

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