Aug 21, 2008

Spiritual Retreat in Your Own Home for Inner Peace

Spiritual retreat in the comfort of your home and connect to inner peace. Do you find yourself feeling tight and stressed throughout your day for no conscious reason. Is it possible that you learned to stay on alert as a child in order to survive? Now you have an inner reaction to stress to tighten up telling yourself that you are protecting yourself.

Ready to let that old habit go and learn to feel relaxed througout your day? Listen to our video and practice deep breathing and learn to relax throughout your day. Then if you want to learn even more tools to release your old habits and find inner peace take a look at our Warner Springs hot springs resort retreat. Sign up and recieve a free copy of 101 Ways to Improve Your Health. Warner Springs is a natural healing resort with healing mineral water pools with no added chemicals. It offers an olympic size swimming pool of healing mineral waters heated naturally with it's geothermal reactions deep within the earth. If you love yoga in nature, beautiful nature trails, soaking in healing mineral waters under the stars, then reserve your space now.