Jul 7, 2008

Law of Attraction Teleseminars to Live Your Dream and Find Your Purpose

Law of Attraction success is connected to the level of attention, action, and belief that you give to what you want in life. Wanting something in your life, is not enough to attract it into your life. You must believe within yourself that you deserve what you want, and that it is on its way into our life. Move from desire to deep acceptance, excitement, and expectation that what you have asked for, and visualized; is moving toward you.

Follow these actions steps to shift your mind from desire, and need, to acceptance, and expectation.

1. Take your journal from yesterday. Look over your goals. Close your eyes. See the goals that you have written down. Notice the feeling you get when you are living your goals. Tune in to how excited you feel. Enjoy the warm glow of energy moving through your body, as you feel yourself in your vision.

2. Through out your day practice positive expectancy. Notice the opportunities that happen in your life, that are bringing your vision into your life.

3. Hold a feeling of gratitude throughout your day, for your goals unfolding easily, effortlessly, and with grace. As you hold your gratitude feeling that you are attracting your highest good, and your highest path; you are building a deep belief that your goals are moving toward you. The more you practice these habits, you are moving yourself into vibrational alignment, with your goals and dreams.

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