Nov 2, 2011

Relationship Bucket List~Retreat and Heal Contest

Relationships are like a fine wine; it requires care and nurturing in order to age to perfection. What is included in a loving relationship bucket list? Caring, sharing, communicating, loving, compromise, resolution, dreams, growth and ever deepening heart connection. What is included in your relationship bucket list?

The couples who come to Sedona are often overwhelmed with pain and are unable to reach compromise and resolution. During the passionate stage of relationship most couples never think about a time when they will need skills to resolve fights and conflict.

What was your role model for conflict resolution? Most often the role model for conflict is either avoidance of conflict or one partner uses anger to control the situation. Following either role model is a sure behavior destined for disaster.

Compassionate communication is a must for continued heart connections and happiness in relationship. The golden rule for compassionate communication is to keep your heart open and speak from your heart and ask for what you want. This language is always started with I feel followed by what I want. For example: I feel really hurt when you seem distant when I am speaking, what I want is to feel like what I say has meaning in your life and I want to feel loved by feeling heard.

Sometimes when couples are stuck in pain and drama it requires a professional to assist them to move out of pain and back to their heart connection. Our retreats empower couples with tools to get beyond old habits that push love away and reconnect to love.

The bucket list for one of our recent Couple's Retreat guest follows along with their testimonial following their retreat. Bucket list: 1.To feel the love we first felt when we got married. 2. To make love more often. 3. To enjoy our life together and grow as we live the rest of our life together.

Annie and Jerry,

We arrived at Retreat and Heal and did not have any idea of what we had gotten ourselves into! What we did "get" was MORE than we could have ever imagined. To say it was a wonderful and amazing experience is simply not enough. From the moment we stepped out of our car we felt surrounded with warmth and love.

Our "journeys" with Jerry and sessions with Annie were all so invaluable and exciting. We are so grateful. Thank you for sharing your immense knowledge and special gifts with us. Also for teaching us Reiki, EFT, Reflexology, meditation and sharing "your" Stupa and vortexes. And that is just the proverbial tip of the iceberg. I will, and have already told friends (and strangers) about our life-changing experience. Thank you for your honesty, sincerity and love.


Britt and Ted

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A couples retreat is a wonderful holiday gift to reset your old habits that push love away to support love and a deeper heart connection. Our retreats are offered year round and you can change your relationship from stuck to happy and loving in as little as three days.