Jan 7, 2008

Dr Phil cancels out on Britney

Love hurts when you are addicted to pain and drama. What causes an addiction to pain and drama? Growing up in an environment where it was devoid of love or gave a feeling of being safe. Many never felt love unless they created a "drama" to gain attention and what they thought was love. Now living their life from patterns and conditioning they create a virtual "hell" on earth. Dr. Phil declared that Britney needs intervention to save her from her self destructive behavior.

Retreat and Heal offers couples retreats and gives couples a break from their environment and life habits. Day to day living from old habits can become a combat zone if you stuff your emotions and lack the ability to release emotions in a healthy way. Emotional Freedom Technique is a new way of moving emotions through your body to release the charge before you explode in an unhealthy way.

4 Steps to emotional freedom.

1. Become aware of the emotions that you experience on a daily basis.

2. Notice the emotions that you are most comfortable with and the ones that you are uncomfortable with.

3. Learn to feel your emotions and resolve to let them go. The same part of the brain that becomes addicted to heroin and other addictive drugs is the part that becomes addicted to anger, anxiety, frustration and fear. Many of never learned to feel emotions or mature ways of expressing them.

4. If emotions are habitually held in it will eventually lead to an unhealthy physical reaction. This can be as simple as a headache or as devastating as chronic fatigue or Epstein barre. Please take a look at this video http://www.emofree.com/splash/video_popup.asp. EFT is a magical self help therapy you can comfortably learn to apply to release emotions that have devastating consequences when you hold it in.

Oprah, Terry Real, Annie B Lawrence and Love's Secret

What is normal in a marriage? It is normal in our society to go for the largest and most dramatic wedding, and wake up after the honeymoon in debt and married to someone you don't know.

Love's Secret empowers couples to live their life in love by making love a priority and learning love habits. Here is three steps to build a love foundations and live your live in choice rather than reacting from patterns of the past.
3 Steps to Love
1. Spend fifteen minutes at the beginning of your day focusing on the things your love about your mate. The more time you spend foucusing on love the easier it will become to choose a love response to your mate.
2. Learn what makes you and your mate happy. Each day do something for yourself first and then your mate that makes you happy. As you give to yourself and then to your mate you are building a larger foundation of love and happiness to draw from.
3. Stay current with your emotions. Spend at least five minutes with yourself in silence each day. Learn to quickly feel your emotions and be honest with yourself. If you are a stuffer you become a ticking time bomb ready to explode at any moment.