Feb 2, 2008

Get Clear-Get Organized and Declutter--GTD

For alot of people the Soprano's is a regular on their schedule. One of the comments that Tony Soprano made recently was "Eat what is on your plate first." A great action plan for getting our lives on track and creating ripples of inner peace.

A great new book that keeps showing up in Business Week, Wall Street Journal, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble gives empowering advice on self management. Balancing life and work is challenging grab some great tools over at David Allen's site on GTD. David offers easy to apply advice and tools to help us all stop being distracted by uncompleted thoughts and tasks that plague our mind. You can also view a wonderful lecture that David gave for Google over on Youtube.

Have you ever thought about how you manage your energy? When you are constantly distracted by your long list of uncompleted tasks--you waste your energy. Even more needless energy is wasted on worrying about what we are not current with. Worrying is a self sabotaging habit and squanders your energy and creates toxins that depletes your immune response. A cluttered mind results in a cluttered life and creates an endless loop of chaos.
In our hurry, worry world we all need a helping hand. Gift your self an energy break. Take a pad and write down three things you want to accomplish today. Once you accomplish these three things then reward yourself. Sit and sip a warm cup of green tea, or sit in the sun and soak up 15 minutes of sunshine. Fifteen minutes of sun gives your body an energy boost. What is your favorite gift to give yourself as a reward. Mine is a walk in nature.