Jun 18, 2008

Passion lost? Attend our Free Teleseminar to Align with Your Passion, Power, and Purpose

Purpose, and passion insight but afraid to jump off of what is to what you dream can be?
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What will you gain from our one hour teleclass?If you have watched The Secret, A New Earth, and practicing the Law of attraction and yet feel stuck in your life, job, and relationship?
Discover 3 secrets to face your fears and move forward in your life. Do you visualize yourself being in a better relationship, more meaningful work, and more money in your bank account? Yet, feel frustrated with your results?
* Empower yourself with tools to face your “inner critic” that holds you back and keeps you stuck in self sabotage.
* Learn the “secrets" to create what you want and deserve. If you believe that you have a higher purpose for you life yet feel blocked in regard to what that “purpose” is—we can help.
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