Jan 6, 2009

Love Relationship Troubles? Stop Fighting and Make Love

Love relationship in the dumps along with the economy? Stop Fighting and make love. Follow these tools and create passion, love, and romance.
1. Next time your mate is pushing your buttons and you feel like you want to explode..stop and take a deep breath. Close your eyes. Think about the first time you kissed your mate. Remember how excited you were on your dates. As you feel these love feelings. Remember all the things you love about your mate.
2. Create a symbol for your love feelings and connect these feelings to your heart. Each time you find yourself focusing on the things you don't like about your mate stop. Visualize your symbol and choose love.
3. Each time you stop and visualize the symbol it will become easier to choose love and let your old negative reactions go. You will find it becoming easier to feel love and share it with your mate.
Send me your questions and challenges regarding love. Love relationships are finding it harder than ever to survive in our tuff economic times. Love's Secret offers effective tools through eft to choose love. Change your old habits and reactions and stop fighting and make love.