Jun 29, 2011

Retreat and Advance To Inner Peace

Retreat in the moment and connect to inner peace. Is inner peace harder to find with anxiety and stress feeling normal throughout your days and evenings? Learn to anchor in peace at a moment's notice.

Create a word, phrase or picture and train yourself to anchor peace into your body and mind no matter where you are or what you are doing. Press pause and stop feelings of being fragile, unstable and insecure. Choose to be happy by controlling your thoughts, and your emotions. If you have a pattern of reacting to life with fear, frustration, or irritation; that habit will continue until you replace it with a new habit. See a picture and connect it to a feeling and when you visualize the picture; it is a great way to train your mind and body to react differently. Follow these tips and anchor in peace throughout your day.

Start your day with 15 minutes of stillness in nature either in your mind or if possible physically. There is never a better time to begin than now.

* Stay present through out your day, recognize; acknowledge your emotional warning signals. Practice conscious breathing throughout your day and check in with your body. Most people are detached from their body and travel through their day on auto-pilot.

*Use your breath to keep yourself present and stop what you are doing in the moment. Your breath can stop your automatic stress response and stop your automatic response to your addicted emotional cycle.

* Breathe away negativity. Your breath is another anchoring tool to change your addicted emotions, and habits. You can choose to release the internal sensation of anxiety and overwhelm from your body. Your breathing facilitates the release of negative energy and keeps you focused on love, success, and inner peace.

Our years of experience teaching and facilitating personal healing and empowerment make us your complete healing destination. A spiritual retreat with us offers a safe place to meditate, and change your old beliefs and patterns with Reiki, healing massage, time in nature at the healing vortex sites, EFT and Hypnotherapy.