Feb 24, 2010

Retreat to Gain Clarity and Focus

Retreat can help you to gain clarity and focus. Have you felt overwhelmed by life lately? Sometimes when life hands you more that you can deal with auto-pilot takes over. Auto-pilot is not a good place to make decisions that support happiness and inner peace.

Tips to deal with overwhelm.

1. Take a yoga class and regroup. Yoga and meditation are a great place to reconnect with inner peace and clarity.

2. Take a long bath with lavender, clary sage, and neroli. Turn off the phones, computer, and light a green candle. Run your warm bath and add your pure essential oils to 2 tbsp of honey.

3. During your bath practice deep breathing. Practice brain clearing breath by closing the right nostril and inhaling in the left nostril. Exhale out the right nostril. Practice this breath for five minutes then just practice deep breathing.

Try out our bath and aromatherapy combination and let me know how relaxed you feel.

Retreat and Heal offers healing retreats year round and will custom design a retreat specifically to fit your needs. Release your stress and regain clarity and focus by allowing us to custom design a retreat for you.

Retreat to Empower Your Dreams

Retreat means to stop and turn within. You can create mini retreats throughout your day to refresh, refocus, and renew your inner peace. One of the first things to acknowledge are your stress triggers. We all have triggers that happen through out our day that cause a "fight or flight" response without our conscious awareness.

How do you deal with this response? At least 80 % of our society have adrenal burn out from this constant fight or flight response to everyday life. Creating "mini retreats" through out your day will change the chemistry of your body, release the stress, and create a new response to your life. During your "mini retreat" breath is your best ally.

Mini Retreat tips

1. Set your calendar through outlook to remind you three times a day for your "mini retreat".

2. During your retreat shut down the phone, computer, and if possible go outside. If not just go into nature in your mind. Visualize your entire being bathed with the golden light of the sun. Breath this light deeply into all your cells.

3. Imagine a light waterfall washing away the chemical response to fight or flight. In your minds eye see your community of cells shinning with light. Allow your nervous system to feel soothed and renewed.

Practice the "mini retreat" for a week. Notice how much more energy and focus you have at the end of your day and through out your week. Retreat allows you to advance in your work and life through the extra energy and focus.

Retreat and Heal offers retreats in Sedona, Arizona to heal your body, mind, and spirit. Visit us for a retreat and empower your life and dreams