Jun 1, 2010

Retreat to Clear Your Emotions and Create Your Dreams

Retreat and clear your emotions and create your dreams. Your emotions are a direct channel to manifest your dreams quickly. E-motions are a clear channel to the divine. When you are connected to your emotions and unafraid to express them in a positive compassionate way you manifest your goals and dreams quickly. However, when you are disconnected and stuff your emotions you find yourself feeling overwhelmed and unclear about what you want in life.

Emotional Freedom Technique and Reiki are two tools that we empower our guests with to clear blocked emotions and reconnect to inner peace. Feeling stuck or overwhelmed? Take a quick breath break and tune into what you are avoiding. Here is a challenge for you and takes only five minutes.

1. Light a candle. Softly stare at the candle and take the light of the candle into your heart.

2. Next begin to smile an inner smile at your cells. Imagine that you can give the love that you long for to yourself. Hold this smile and breath.

3. Take your right hand and put it on your navel. Place your left hand over your right hand. Notice how much stress you feel in your neck and shoulders. Breath the stress out your feet into the earth.

4. Take your left hand and place it on your heart. Now allow the light from the candle and your heart to radiate to all the cells throughout your body.

5. Radiate the love and light that you feel to the world. Imagine that you can smile at all the people who are feeling stuck and overwhelmed. Imagine that you can send them the love that you feel right now. Imagine that everyone on the earth is now feeling their hearts open and full of love.

Retreat and Heal offers personal retreats based on your needs year round. We would love to be your spiritual guide to Sedona.

Apr 16, 2010

Gratitude Journal as You Retreat

A Gratitude journal keeps you focused on what you have gratitude for and creates more of that for your life. Don't know about you but this week has been a bit of a challenge to stay focused. Started the week with a paper blizzard and it is cleared but facing the paper blizzard was stressful. I just listened to a great podcast on creating systems to stay focused and be more productive and I plan to put systems in place to keep my office organized and clutter free.

Gratitude Journal for 4/9-16

I am grateful to have met Suzie Cheel Check out her fan page. Suzie is a Law of Attraction Practitioner and expert.

I am grateful to have cleaned my office and have new systems that I am putting in place to keep my life more organized.

I am grateful for meeting my new friend Jeanine Hoag check out her blogs here.
Jeanine is a hand reader and life purpose coach.

I am grateful for meeting Linda Nuyts find her blogs here. Linda is a fellow EFT practitioner.

I am grateful for meeting Rob Britt find his blog for fitness here.

I am grateful for meeting Debra Marrs find her blog here. She has lots of great tips on writing.

I am grateful for my great friend Amy Putkonen. She has a radio show here and our Powerful WoMEn show is hosted here once a month. Her blog is here. Join our Powerful WoMEn's group here.

I am grateful for the Connie Green #blog30 blogging challenge and all the great friends that I have met through it. It is a challenge and yet I have gained so much from it.

I am grateful for all our new members of our blog network. Join here. For each new member you will be entered to win a copy of Love's Secret. Join our fan page and be entered twice for the contest.

Sedona is a great place to visit and focus on gratitude. In Sedona the energy magnifies whatever you are feeling. We offer retreats year round and would love to assist you to design a retreat to focus on your needs.

Apr 15, 2010

Love, Money and Success Blocked? Retreat to Remove Your Walls

Retreat and advance through your walls. When you find yourself hitting a wall in your life how do you respond? Do you break the wall down? Do you go through the wall? Do you walk around the wall? Or do you avoid the pain that built the wall and surround the wall with more mortar in an effort to make it stronger?

Walls no longer serve your path. Instead they create a reaction to life from fight or flight which floods your body with toxic chemicals. Break through your walls blocking your path to love, money, and success. Here are some tips to change your response from fear and worry to acceptance and freedom.

~ The first step is recognizing when you are hitting a wall or set point. When you feel yourself wanting to react with fight or flight take a deep breath and notice what you are feeling. Acknowledge the wall and appreciate that the wall was put there to protect you.

~Give the wall a color, shape, and notice the size of the wall. Imagine surrounding the wall with love. Next ask yourself what you could replace the wall with and still feel safe to advance forward in your life.

~Light a candle and take some time to sit and breath. Imagine your life free from walls and self imposed limits (set points). Imagine moving to a new level with love, money, and success. Feel what it feels like to feel successful, loved and fully express your talents and abilities and have unlimited abundance in your life. Now connect that feeling to gratitude.

Retreat and Heal offers retreats with EFT, Hypnotherapy, massage, Vortex Experiences, and more. Let us be your spiritual guide to Sedona.

Apr 14, 2010

Retreat to Anchor in Peace

Retreat and anchor peace into your body, mind and spirit. Are you feeling more peace anxiety, frustration or sadness right now? Do you have a word, phrase or picture that you have trained yourself to anchor peace into your body and mind?

Press pause and stop feelings of being fragile, unstable and insecure. Choose to be happy by controlling your thoughts, and your emotions. If you have a pattern of reacting to life with fear, frustration, or irritation; that habit will continue until you replace it with a new habit. Using a picture and a feeling when you visualize the picture is a great way to train your mind and body to react differently. Follow these tips and anchor in peace throughout your day.

Start your day with 15 minutes of stillness in nature either in your mind or if possible in person. There is never a better time to begin than now.

* Stay present through out your day, recognize; acknowledge your emotional warning signals. Practice conscious breathing throughout your day and check in with your body. Most people are detached from their body and travel through their day on auto-pilot.

*Use your breath to keep yourself present and stop what you are doing in that moment. Your breath can stop your automatic stress response and stop your automatic response to your addicted emotional cycle.

* Breathe away negativity. Your breath is another anchoring tool to change your addicted emotions, and habits. You can choose to release the internal sensation of anxiety and overwhelm from your body. Your breathing facilitates the release of negative energy and keeps you focused on love, success, and inner peace.

Our years of experience teaching and facilitating personal healing and empowerment make us your complete healing destination. A spiritual retreat with us offers a safe place to meditate, and change your mind with EFT and Hypnotherapy.

Apr 12, 2010

Retreat and Give Gratitude for Balance

Retreat from your life and create balance. Is your life balanced? What is throwing your life out of balance?

1. Create a balance wheel and take a look at how balanced your life is. What needs to shift? Get our life evaluation quiz free and determine where your life needs more balance.

2. Meditation is a great way to get in touch with your inner voice and inner wisdom. Meditation can help you to clear your inner chaos and create a quiet mind. Our favorite meditation at Retreat and Heal is a walking meditation at the Tibetan Stupa. Meditation is easier when you start with active practices like yoga, tai chi, walking, or pranayama(controlled breathing). Next sit, for at least fifteen minutes and concentrate on your breath.

3. Visualization is the next on the list for creating what you want once you have cleared your mind. Tear pictures from a magazine and post them on your vision board. Put pictures that represent your dreams. Next create an action plan to create what you want. Spiritual Life Coaching is a wonderful way to create your action plan and put it into a manageable plan to make it reality.

Today I am grateful for balance in my life. I hold gratitude in my heart for the ability to make choices that create balance and peace in my life.

Retreat and Heal offers retreats in Sedona that empower you with tools to create balance and inner peace. We look forward to meeting you in Sedona and hope that you will allow us to assist you with creating inner peace and balance.

Apr 11, 2010

Retreat for Gratitude Challenge

Retreat is advancing forward when we focus on gratitude. Today I have gratitude for inner peace. I have been caught up in a whirl wind in my office. It looks like someone threw papers everywhere and left them there. It is going to take me awhile to clear the clutter. Half of the office is clean and neat and the other is in total chaos. Have you ever felt your life stuck in that in-between space of clearing the old and creating the new?

My favorite way to bridge this new world with the old is to think with gratitude for all the things that the old has blessed me with. This builds a strong foundation for releasing the old and opens the heart to trust the new that is formless and unseen.

Today I have gratitude for the trust that continues to grow within me allowing deeper and deeper inner peace.

What are you grateful for today? Leave me a message here on the blog. Each person who leaves me a message will be entered to win a free copy of Love's Secret to be given away at the end of the 30 day blog challenge.

Retreat from your life today and experience inner peace by setting aside 5 minutes to just be in the moment. Retreat is all about being present in the moment and feeling gratitude.

Apr 10, 2010

Retreat and Focus on Gratitude

Retreat from your life and FOCUS on Gratitude. I will be blogging for the next 30 Day blog challenge with Connie Green; I am blogging on Gratitude. Like many of us I have been getting my taxes prepared and looking at where all our money has gone. In addition looking at all the bills that are due this month including land taxes, insurance on homes, and cars; and decided to shift that focus. If we focus too much on bills we can create more bills. So I decided to start a Gratitude challenge and blog on what I HAVE GRATITUDE FOR. No sooner did I shift my attitude; I found two new testimonials on our fan page.

Today I my blog is focused on Gratitude for all the loving support in my life. First I want to acknowledge all my wonderful followers on my blogs, and here.

"As a child I understood how to give; I have forgotten this grace since I became civilized."
~Ohiyesa, Santee Sioux~

I am grateful that I can give with open arms and know that I am creating space to receive even more abundance. I am grateful for the abundant flow of money in my life.

I am grateful for my abundant opportunities that support my goals and vision.

What are you grateful for today?

Sedona Arizona is a wonderful place to retreat and focus on Gratitude. Spring is a great time to retreat and clear your energy and plant new seeds for what you want in your life. Sedona's weather is sunny and warm and in the 80's each day.

Apr 9, 2010

Retreat to Connect with Your Angels

Sedona Retreats are a wonderful place to connect with your Angels. We have people from all over the world travel to Sedona searching for a deeper connection to the Divine, and to connect with their Angels.

A strong belief I have is that our Angels are always there waiting to be invited to assist us and guide us to our highest path. However, because of free will, Angels will never interfere unless we invite them.

I will be blogging for the next 30 days in a blog challenge #blog30, and each day will be about gratitude.This is a time of year that people dread and often complain about money issues. By spending quiet time reflecting you are able to focus on what you have to be grateful for. Join with me to create a vision board focused on what we have with gratitude. Focused gratitude creates more to be grateful for. Leave me a comment with your gratitude list.

"Our anxiety does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow, but only empties today of its strength"
~ Charles H. Spurgeon

Journal about your level of fear and anxiety. How much fear and anxiety do you feel on a daily basis. Perhaps, it has been there so long it feels natural and you would feel too vulnerable without it? On a scale of 0-10 how much fear do you feel? Are you ready to let it go?

Our Sedona Retreats provide a safe place to connect with your patterns, and we provide the tools to leave your fear and anxiety in the past. Gift yourself or a loved one with a speacial healing Sedona Retreat.

Mar 30, 2010

Retreat to Spin Your Web and Catch Your Dreams

Retreat can help you spin a web to catch opportunities to live your dream. Spiders spin webs strategically to catch their meals for nourishment. Our thoughts and words spin webs that attract opportunities to create our dreams. Are you spinning the web you want to attract your dreams?

Affirmations for attracting your dreams.

1. Today I attract the perfect opportunities to manifest my dreams easily and gracefully.

2. I am always at the right place and always at the perfect time to support my goals and dreams.

3. My goals and dreams are unfolding in perfect timing. It is easy for me to trust and visualize my goals and dreams manifested in my life.

4. All people, places, and opportunities in my life support my dreams both intentionally and naturally without knowledge.

5. I am always guided to my goals and dreams naturally. I trust my goals and dreams to manifest in my life now.

Mar 28, 2010

Sedona Retreat to Plant Seeds for Your Goals and Vision

Spring is the perfect time for introspection and spiritual renewal. Spring is also the perfect time to reflect and plant seeds for your dreams. If the economy has you down and you feel you can't spend the cash to get away to Sedona here are some tips to renew yourself without leaving home. Join our fan page on Face Book for daily inspirational here.

1. Purchase a journal or notebook. Spend time each day and determine what is working in your life and what you are ready to release.

2. Purchase a small green candle. Light your candle as you write in your journal. Set your intention to connect with your angels or guides (whichever fits your beliefs).

3. Shower each morning. As you allow the shower to cleanse your body. Set your intentions to release your stress from your body, mind, and spirit.

4. After your shower spend time practicing breathing and release your thoughts. As a thought floats in release it to your angels. Ask your Angels to assist you to quiet your mind and reach a deep meditative and peaceful place inside. Once you are in that very peaceful place visualize yourself happy and peaceful throughout your day.

5. EFT is a very powerful and simple way to release your stress and stuck emotions. Love's Secret is an award winning book that empowers you to apply EFT. Email me if you have questions regarding our Sedona Retreats, EFT or Sedona Readings. Spring is a special time to visit Sedona our days are already in the 70-80 degrees. Retreat to plant seeds for your vision and dreams.

Mar 9, 2010

Retreat to Reconnect to Inner Happiness

Retreat is a great way to clear sadness and trauma and reconnect to inner happiness. Did you know that after twenty-plus years of research on antidepressants, from the old tricyclics to the newer selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) show that their benefit is hardly more than what patients get when they take a placebo. More and more scientists who study depression and the drugs that treat it are concluding that antidepressants are basically expensive Tic Tacs.

Yet,the number of Americans taking antidepressants doubled in a decade, from 13.3 million in 1996 to 27 million in 2005. Many of our retreat guests are experiencing depression and many have been told they have an uncurable disease and that they need medication. There are many ways to combat depression and release it rather than using medication to suppress and numb emotions.

Here are tips to feel your emotions and find your way back to happiness and inner peace.

1. Clear your emotional plate daily. Don't stew on things that happen yesterday, last week or a year ago. It can become a habit to hold on to things and keep the kettle simmering. Create the habit of clearing whatever you are feeling. Most often the person who is depressed is holding on to anger and frustration toward themselves and others.

2. Journal to find out the emotions that you are holding. Emotions left over from child hood keep being recreated in your present day experiences. EFT and Reiki are great tools to clear toxic emotions and empower you to feel happiness and joy in the moment.

3. Exercise daily. Walk, dance, yoga are all great exercise that help to create happy endorphins. Choose an exercise that you can be consistent with. Occasionally go out side and get more sunshine. Vitamin D3 is the sunshine vitamin and is being show to help a wide range of symptoms including depression,osteoporosis, increasing the immune system, and to even cure and prevent cancer.

Depression -- or described another way, “unrepaired emotional short-circuiting” -- can cause far more profound negative health consequences than all the denatured food and toxins you expose yourself to daily. Every year, 230 million prescriptions for antidepressants are filled, making them one of the most prescribed drugs in the United States. The psychiatric industry itself is a $330 billion industry -- not bad for an enterprise that offers little in the way of cures.

Retreat is a great time to gain new emotional perspective; and empower yourself with tools to clear your emotional baggage from the past. You are then clear to welcome a bright new future of happiness and joy into your life. Retreat and Heal offers year round personal healing retreats that include EFT, Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Yoga, Massage, and Meditation. Gift yourself time away from your hectic pace and Retreat and Heal.

Mar 8, 2010

Retreat and Declutter Your Life

Retreat is a great way to declutter your mind and your life. Are you aligned with your purpose? Many of the retreat guests who come to us are in transition in their life. Many are feeling unhappy with their life but somewhat lost as how to shift; from what is to what they want and dream of.

Here are three tips to shift your life from overwhelm to inner peace and happiness.

1. Practice Yoga at least three times per week. Yoga is a great way to expand your mind, body, and spirit. It is also a good way to break up old patterns and habits and create new habits and patterns that serve you.

2. Meditation has been proven to shift your mind and create new thought patterns. Most of our retreat guests have a challenge slowing their mind down from the hectic pace of their life. The best way to slow the mind down is to practice breath awareness. As you observe your breath, just watch your thoughts. Become the witness and slowly you will notice your thoughts becoming more peaceful. Avoid trying to make your mind stop thinking. This creates resistance and struggle; the opposite of what you want. The key is to be consistent and persistent; your mind will give in.

3. Include something in your day that you love. If you can, take a walk in nature and allow yourself to slow down and welcome peace into your life. If you love dancing this is a great way to release stress. Listen to your inner urges they will guide you to peace.

Retreat and Heal is a small boutique retreat specializing in personalized retreats that cater to you and your needs. Spring is a great time to pamper yourself and declutter your life.

Mar 4, 2010

Retreat to Cleanse Your Body, Mind and Renew Your Spirit

Retreat is the perfect place to spring clean your body, mind, and renew your spirit. Ever notice how good it feels to spring clean your house? It adds freshness and has a new feeling of vibrant energy. Are you ready to clear away the stuck energy in your life? Here are some tips to retreat and renew yourself without leaving home.

1. Purchase a journal or notebook. Write down what you love about your life and what you are most unhappy with. Spend time thinking about the things that you want to expand and see the unhappy emotions and habits being replaced by more of what you love. Notice how refreshing it feels to expand what you love.

2. Purchase a small green candle. Light your candle as you write in your journal. Set your intention to connect with your angels or guides (whichever fits your beliefs).

3. Shower each morning. As you allow the shower to cleanse your body. Set your intentions to release your stress from your body, mind, and spirit. As you shower imagine being in a pine forest and how fresh the air smells.

4. After your shower spend time practicing breathing and release your thoughts. As a thought floats in release it to your Angels. Ask your Angels to assist you to quiet your mind and reach a deep meditative and peaceful place inside. Once you are in that very peaceful place visualize yourself happy and peaceful throughout your day.

5. EFT is a very powerful and simple way to release your stress and stuck emotions. Love's Secret is an award winning book that empowers you to apply EFT. Email me if you have questions regarding our Sedona Retreats, EFT or Sedona Readings.

Mar 2, 2010

Retreat to Connect with Your GPS

Retreat is a great way to connect with your inner GPS. Many people would never think about traveling without their GPS, however we have an inner GPS much more valuable than all the GPS systems available.

Your inner guidance system is always on and always guiding your way, however, you must use it often to discern the correct voice. Different voices are guiding your path, voices from your inner child that may sound fearful and cautious. The voice from your guidance system is guiding you toward your highest path and greatest good. However, it may be urging you to choose a different course in life. This could sound fearful in the beginning because it is new and different. Are you able to discern which voice is guiding you? Are you moving toward your goals and dreams?

Here are two challenges to connect with you inner guidance system more deeply. Step out of your comfort zone, take a yoga or meditation class and stretch beyond your self imposed limits. Take a walk in nature and veer off the beaten path for a short distance. Are you becoming too dependent on technology? Is it crippling your intuition and the ability to trust your inner guidance? When you disconnect to your technical devices do you feel fear?

Retreat from your technology driven life and get back to your self and your own inner guidance. Our Retreats in Sedona offer you a safe place to retreat and heal your body, mind and spirit.

Mar 1, 2010

Retreat to Advance Toward Your Goals

Retreat empowers you to advance toward your goals by bring clarity and removing your blocks. What is your biggest block to claiming your goals for 2010? Two months have raced by in 2010 how many steps have you taken toward creating your goals?

Often we stay so busy and operating on survival that we loose our vision and focus. What is your most effective focus tool to keep bringing yourself back to your vision? We all have habits that drain our energy, the key is to create discipline and habits that build a foundation for our goals and dreams.

Here is a challenge for the month of March. Everyone is spending time doing their taxes. Look at how you spent your energy for 2009. Your money is your energy how did you invest your energy? How much energy did you invest in what you want for your life and future?

Look at your habits that build energy and habits that drain your energy. Fear, worry, frustration, anger can be habits that you have gathered as a way of reacting to your life. These emotions create chemicals in your body. Once you react to life over and over with any of these emotions you create a chemical dependence for the emotions and there by create a habit just like smoking or drinking. It then becomes a habit to react to your life with either fear, worry, or frustration. Are you a worry, fear or frustration aholic?

Retreat allows you to focus on your automatic habits and reactions to life. By removing yourself from your environment and routine you can advance beyond your habits and empower yourself with tools to change your thoughts, mind and habits. Are your emotional habits blocking you from achieving your goals and dreams?

Feb 27, 2010

Retreat and Change Your Story

Retreat is a way to advance beyond your story. Are you stuck in your story? Your story is your life you were born to experience and it has made you who you are. However, you are more than your story. What does your story hold for you? Does it offer you power or does it drain your power? Does it make you happy or does it cause you pain?

Who are you without your story? Once you let go of your story about where you came from you are free to become who you came here to be and live your purpose.

Here are some tips to advance beyond your set of beliefs and conditioning to embrace your unlimited potential.

1. Start a journal and become aware of the emotions that you experience most often throughout your day.

2. Decide on a word to anchor in inner peace. Each time you feel yourself feeling anxious, fearful, worried, frustrated, or angry, use your focus word. Notice what you were thinking before you noticed the uncomfortable feelings.

3. Set your computer to notify you each hour and take five long deep breaths each hour. Make it a new habit to breath deeply and relax your neck and shoulders.

4. Yoga is a great way to break up old habits. Practice yoga at least three times a week with the intention to embrace change.

Retreat and Heal offers year round retreats to heal your body, mind, and spirit. We empower our guests with tools to heal their past hurt and change their story to support their unlimited potential. Retreat to Sedona and write a new story that includes inner peace and unlimited abundance.

Feb 25, 2010

Retreat And Release Your Blocks

Retreats empower you with time to reflect within and find the blocks that keep you from living your dreams. Do you notice yourself repeating patterns that don't serve your life, career and relationship?

A common complaint from our guests is recurring patterns from childhood. These patterns feel so familiar that they are an automatic reaction to life. When they are in their emotional comfort zone no matter how miserable life becomes; it can be incredibly hard to unwind the emotions and get to the root of the pattern.

The key is to be aware of recurring emotions and look at where life causes the most unhappiness. Emotional Freedom Technique is a powerful way to unwind these uncomfortable emotions. Once the uncomfortable emotions are out of the way, it is easier to replace the patterns and beliefs.

A bowl burning ceremony is a powerful way to clear patterns and make a deep commitment to new habits and actions that support dreams, rather than creating distractions.

Do you have other ceremonies that support new growth and positive change? Retreats empower you with tools to clear the blocks that keep you from living your dreams.

Feb 24, 2010

Retreat to Gain Clarity and Focus

Retreat can help you to gain clarity and focus. Have you felt overwhelmed by life lately? Sometimes when life hands you more that you can deal with auto-pilot takes over. Auto-pilot is not a good place to make decisions that support happiness and inner peace.

Tips to deal with overwhelm.

1. Take a yoga class and regroup. Yoga and meditation are a great place to reconnect with inner peace and clarity.

2. Take a long bath with lavender, clary sage, and neroli. Turn off the phones, computer, and light a green candle. Run your warm bath and add your pure essential oils to 2 tbsp of honey.

3. During your bath practice deep breathing. Practice brain clearing breath by closing the right nostril and inhaling in the left nostril. Exhale out the right nostril. Practice this breath for five minutes then just practice deep breathing.

Try out our bath and aromatherapy combination and let me know how relaxed you feel.

Retreat and Heal offers healing retreats year round and will custom design a retreat specifically to fit your needs. Release your stress and regain clarity and focus by allowing us to custom design a retreat for you.

Retreat to Empower Your Dreams

Retreat means to stop and turn within. You can create mini retreats throughout your day to refresh, refocus, and renew your inner peace. One of the first things to acknowledge are your stress triggers. We all have triggers that happen through out our day that cause a "fight or flight" response without our conscious awareness.

How do you deal with this response? At least 80 % of our society have adrenal burn out from this constant fight or flight response to everyday life. Creating "mini retreats" through out your day will change the chemistry of your body, release the stress, and create a new response to your life. During your "mini retreat" breath is your best ally.

Mini Retreat tips

1. Set your calendar through outlook to remind you three times a day for your "mini retreat".

2. During your retreat shut down the phone, computer, and if possible go outside. If not just go into nature in your mind. Visualize your entire being bathed with the golden light of the sun. Breath this light deeply into all your cells.

3. Imagine a light waterfall washing away the chemical response to fight or flight. In your minds eye see your community of cells shinning with light. Allow your nervous system to feel soothed and renewed.

Practice the "mini retreat" for a week. Notice how much more energy and focus you have at the end of your day and through out your week. Retreat allows you to advance in your work and life through the extra energy and focus.

Retreat and Heal offers retreats in Sedona, Arizona to heal your body, mind, and spirit. Visit us for a retreat and empower your life and dreams

Feb 16, 2010

Retreat and Heal Your Body, Mind and Spirit

Retreats are a place to unload all the heave burdens that weight you down and cause the sign posts of aging to wrinkle your face and body.

What age do you feel? If you are like me sometimes I feel like a child and feel limitless, at other times when life weighs heavy--I feel like I am a hundred. There is no age to the spirit. Here are a couple of tips to release your burdens and lighten your load.

1. Remember what you loved to do as a child to feel light hearted. Whatever it was it was most likely in nature. So take at least fifteen minutes today and go out in nature and relax.

2. If the sun is shinning sit in the sun for fifteen minutes and breath. On the inhale breath the light of the sun into all the cells in your body. On the exhale breath all the stress out into the earth as gray smoke. Keep breathing up your neck and shoulders feel light and free.

Retreat and Heal has been serving Sedona, Arizona with retreats since 2004. Our passion is empowering our guests to find inner peace and release their stress. Sedona offers the healing energy and beauty to heal your body, mind, and spirit.

Retreat In the Moment and Find Inner Peace

Retreat is a necessity in our world today. Create a refuge in your mind and experience inner peace in a moment's notice. With the stress of the economy causing more and more anxiety, tension, and stress; stress management is a valuable tool. Here are some quick tools to keep you centered no matter what is going on around you.

1. Decide on a word that symbolizes inner peace to you. For me it is peace. It can be "I choose to feel safe and experience peace." If you have no memories of feeling peace then you need to create those feelings and anchor them into your body.

2. Next think of the most beautiful and peaceful place that you can remember. As you hold a picture of this place. Remember all the details. See all the colors, see and visulize everything clearly in your mind. The more clearly you can imagine yout peaceful place, in your mind, the more powerfully you can anchor in peace.

3. The next step is to feel the peace that you place brings to your body, mind and spirit. Add the feeling of gratitude for having this beautiful and peaceful place. As you hold the feeling of peace, say your anchor phrase, and then see your peaceful place. Take five long deep breaths. Feel all the cells, and atoms of your body bathed in love and light.

Leave me a message and let me know how this works for you. Also leave me a message with your most challenging stress and I will leave you tools to release your stress.

Retreat and Heal offers Personal Healing Retreats for healing body, mind and spirt. Above Peggy shares her experience from her retreat. You can see that she reconnected with her inner peace and ability to calm her mind and emotions. We would love to share the healing energy of Sedona with you. Sedona is a beautiful place to retreat and heal.

Feb 10, 2010

Valentine's Day A Great Time for Retreat

Valentine's day is a perfect time to Retreat in Sedona to reflect, release stress, and rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit. Below find some tips to release your stress and renew your passion for life. Often we get caught up running from something that isn't really after us. Running from one relationship to another, one job to the next, or from one event to another. Most of our retreat guests retreat to release this habit of constant busy-ness. Next time you find yourself caught in your "busy" cycle--stop. Take a deep breath and visualize yourself in nature. When time permits spend five minutes, or fifteen minutes in nature and clear your mind. As you stop running and the busy habit; you might just find that you have been running from your "self".

Are you seeking inner peace? Here is a tip to bring more inner peace today. Focus your energy on what you want to accomplish today. Gift yourself this reward, when you complete your goals. Create a retreat in the comfort of your own home and the privacy of your bathroom. Collect rose petals from your rose garden, and dump them into your bath. Collect a few blooms from your lavender plant and dump that along with your rose petals. If you don't have rose petals or lavender in your garden, then substitute 2 drops of essential oil of lavender, 2 drops of ylang/ylang, and 2 drops of clary sage. Play your favorite relaxing music, and light a candle. Ahhhhhhhh.......... retreat, meditation, relaxation, and inner peace is only moments away, it's free, and the perfect valentine's gift.

Jan 26, 2010

Valentine's Day is just Around the Corner

With Valentine's Day just around the Corner are you looking for a low cost way to show your honey you care?

Like a lot of couples you probably started your relationship with lots of passion and heated sex, but now find the romance dwindling, with sex taking a back seat to the TV. Today's hectic pace of life and auto-pilot living can take over, leaving romance and love in the dust. Take control of your love life by planning a romantic evening to bring love and passion back to your bedroom.

• If you idea of celebrating love is sitting on the couch with your couch potato. Turn the TV off and set the mood for romance. She may have lost her libido to the remote control. Follow these rituals to create a magical romantic evening.

• Pick up her favorite flowers and a mood candle. Make sure that you show up first before her. Put the flowers on the nightstand and light the mood candle.

• Put clean red sheets on the bed. Leave a love note on her pillow with rose petals under the sheet.

• Run a hot bath in the tub five minutes before she arrives. Add three drops each of lavender, ylang ylang, rose geranium, clary sage and marjoram to a teaspoon of honey and add this to her bath just before she enters. Put on her favorite music and quickly get in the shower.

• When she arrives take her directly to the bathroom and help her undress. Have her slip into the bath. Roll a towel and slip it under her head.

• Once she is ready to leave her heavenly bath. Have a nice bathrobe for her to slip into. Lay her on the bed in her bathrobe on top of the rose petals. Take a relaxing lotion like lavender and massage her feet.

She is now relaxed and in the mood. The rest is up to you. Take your time to focus on what you love about each other and make the most of the moment. It is up to you to create love or push love away. If an over busy schedule has left you collapsing in front of the tv; seize the moment and create the love you want. Go to http://www.retreatandheal.com for information on couples retreats to help you recapture love and romance.

© copyright by Annie B Lawrence, Ph.D, CHT.

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