Jul 9, 2008

Law of Attraction EFT to Shift to the Vibration of Prosperity and Abundance

Law of Attraction success, is dependent on your vibrational thought frequency. EFT assists you to release your old thought patterns and beliefs, and lifts your vibrations to match the prosperity you want and deserve. When you think of money. What is the feeling you get? Did you grow up in a environment where there was a feeling of scarcity, or did you learn to trust and have faith?

I grew up on a farm in Tennessee, where there was always food, and not much money. If you wanted something, I was taught it required hard work, and lots of sweat. This has created such a good work ethic, that most of my life I have been a workaholic. I have been an entrepreneur for over thirty years and have enjoyed being my own boss, yet I was a hard task master. Like most successful entrepreneurs I have driven myself to work 14-16 hour days many of the years of my life. EFT is a tool that I have used to assist thousands of clients, to shift feelings of scarcity and lack to feelings of trust, faith, and positive expectancy.

EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique will shift your thoughts, and feelings, from fear, anxiety, and worry, to feelings of acceptance, joy, and gratitude for what you have. Journal daily to find your underlying issues. Start wherever you are. Begin to use EFT by tapping on a general feeling. Like even though I feel stuck in poverty and scarcity consciousness, and have a hard time controlling my thoughts of fear and worry, still I choose to love myself and forgive myself. Tap on these feelings, using the nine gamut points. Listen to the voice inside to refine the tapping statement. If you need more help try my book Love's Secret Live Your Life In Love.

If you want guidance in using EFT and shifting your thoughts, and beliefs, to a higher vibrational level attend our free teleseminars. Join us, Mondays at 9 am pacific time. Learn to play with us in the field of creation, and master the Law of Attraction.