Apr 30, 2008

Recession pushing your stress buttons--Secrets to Relax and Achieve Your Dreams

Does the recession have you feeling stretched? Money problems are responsible for 80% of all divorces. Here are some secrets to stay centered, keep your heart open and get your budget and check book of the red.

Are you aware of the habits that sabotage your success? Do these habits make you feel stressed? Everyone has stress and sabotage habits and how well you manage stress means the difference between success and failure in your life, and relationship. Follow these easy secrets to find your success buttons, take control of your actions, and empower yourself to a successful life.

Take a five minute break. Throughout your day stop and evaluate how you are feeling. Notice if you are feeling on edge. Take a five minute break and walk away from your desk. Take a brisk walk around the office and or walk a flight of stairs. See yourself relaxed throughout the rest of you day and in control of your words and actions. By staying calm you are able to choose your words and actions.

Perform a kind deed. Do something kind for someone that is not your normal confidant. If there is someone in the office that looks like they could use a smile-do something crazy. Laugh at yourself and help them to lighten up and smile. The act of giving without expectation of reward opens your heart and makes you feel good. Laughter is the best medicine available, and releases uplifting endorphins.

Develop a sense of humor and learn to laugh. Most people who are highly stressed or depressed are perfectionist and find it hard to laugh at their actions, others, and life, itself. They become critical of themselves, everything, and everyone around them. Learn to lighten up and give up your critical "inner judge". Being hard on yourself is a habit that makes you hard to live with, and a hard person to work with. As you learn to lighten up you become a stronger team player and a joy to have as a partner. This new mind set can attract success as you hold the most positive vision for your life.

Tell me how you manage your stress with this slow economy.

Apr 29, 2008

Wordless Wednesdays--Angels watching over us!

Happy WW! Jinny's Angel, in Sedona, Arizona. May your angel watch over you and bring you happiness and inner peace throughout your week!

Spiritual Retreats to Awaken Spiritually

Thousands of people go on spiritual retreats each year and the most popular retreats are California Retreats and our Sedona Retreats rank next. What is a Spiritual Retreat?

A spiritual retreat is a special time to break away from your life and create a deeper connection to your divine essence. Our constant busy-ness causes us to shut that connection down and creates stress. Stress can literally make you sick. Billions of dollars are spent each year on anxiety and anti-depressant medications. These medications only mask the symptoms of stress. What can you do to deal with stress and release it before you make yourself sick?

Start your day with fifteen minutes of being still. During this time visualize your day. See yourself taking short breaks throughout your day to breathe and release your stress. Take two ten minute breaks and walk the stairs or walk outside. You will return to work refreshed and able to complete more tasks in less time. By following this routine you will also arrive home feeling refreshed and ready to tackle your work projects at home. You will find yourself resting better at night with deeper rim sleep and awaking refreshed each morning. Leading a proactive life empowers you by taking action to take care of your body, mind, and spirit. Take my challenge and make this your routine for 21 days and then contact me and share your experience.

Apr 28, 2008

Oprah, Eckhart and the pain body

Is it possible that people who are depressed have not healed their pain body?
Have you been following Oprah and Eckhart? What do you do to heal your pain body? Is your pain or your emotions in charge?

My emotional pain body was large as a child and young adult. I have been on a path to heal my emotions held in my pain body for over thirty years. A pain body that has been ignored will continue to show up in your everyday life. Here are the tools that I have found most helpful in healing my pain body. Go here to listen to Eckhart and Oprah's conversation on the pain body.

Tools to heal the pain body:

Reiki-Reiki is universal healing energy that is present in all of us. You can recieve a Reiki healing session or a Reiki Attunement. When you recieve a Reiki attunement you are able to bring your own body back to balance and healing.

EFT- Emotional Freedom Technique is a tool for healing the emotional pain body. When emotions are not expressed they become stuck and cause blocks in your emotional and physical body. EFT can help to heal this stuck energy.

Yoga and breathing can keep your emotions moving and assist you to learn to allow your emotions to flow freely. Let me know what you use to heal your pain body.

Apr 22, 2008

Wordless Wednesdays--Depression hurts and can take your life!

In 2004 the FDA issued a warning that antidepressants can make depression deeper and cause suicidal thoughts. According to DAWN (Drug Awareness Warning Dept) every year more than 63,000 enter the ER due to an attempted suicide who are taking antidepressants. Take a look at this video for more information. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8itY9pmtXGY.
I just lost someone to suicide. I hope that if you are depressed that you will find a better way to lift yourself up than taking a pill.

Apr 21, 2008

Touched by Suicide--Surviving Grief and Loss.

I will be blogging this week in connection to suicide and grief as a memorial to my nephew who took his life this last week. He was loved deeply and will be missed by all his family. I hope that these posts will raise awareness for others who have family members who are depressed and taking anti-depressants. It is my hope that you can find alternatives before you lose someone you love.

We never research or become aware of statistics often until it hits our lives. Suicide is devastating for all the family members, leaving in it's wake overwhelming guilt, unbearable grief, and questions that will never be answered.

I never realised that there is one person entering the ER every two minutes connected to depression and anti-depressants and a suicide attempt. I had never taken the time to research the fact that in 2004 the FDA posted a warning that the 12 SSI anti-depressants on the market have been found to deepen depression and cause suicidal thoughts.

I could have never imagined that 63,000 people enter the ER every year as a result of a suicide attempt related to anti-depressant side effects. These are all statistics that I found yesterday after trying to find answers to why a person who one month earlier had shared that someone who would take their own life would have to be out of their mind and completely selfish.

How is it that when the FDA has issued this strong warning and with the above alarming statistics found on DAWN. DAWN is a public health surveillance system that monitors drug-related ED visits in the United States. Data are collected from a nationally representative sample of short-stay, general, non-Federal hospitals that operate 24-hour EDs (emergency departments).

Share your story if you have lost someone you love. My heart reaches out to you in your loss and grief.

Apr 9, 2008

Have you created a squidoo lens? What tips would you give to improve my lens?

Would love to get feedback on creating squidoo lens. I have one at squidoo.com/retreats and squidoo/sedonaarizona and squidoo.com/sedonaretreats. Would love your feedback on how to make them more attractive and rank higher.

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Hilary and Obama Road Show Day 3

Here we are on the third day of the Ethnic Presidency blog blitz and the polls are showing an even split at 45%. Read the third excerpt from The Ethnic Presidency: How Race Affects the Race to the White House, by Earl Ofari Hutchinson.

There were also mixed signals if whether being a woman would help more than hurt Clinton even with women in a wide segment of America. In a Newsweek poll in July 2007, fewer voters said they would vote for a woman candidate for president than a black candidate. Hillary scored just as dismal when asked whether the country was ready for a female president. More said no to this question than said no for a black president. The gender reluctance by big chunks of voters was in part offset by the experience factor. Hillary scored big on this in the polls.

The Hillary distaste in part explained why in February 2007 Hollywood mogul David Geffen, a long time Clinton family cheerleader and campaign bankroller sucker punched Clinton with the knock that she would polarize voters. The implication was that she would be a disaster for the Democrats if she were to get the party presidential bid. Geffen rapped Clinton at the moment that he and some other Hollywood movie big shots pumped a reported cool million dollars into Obama’s campaign coffers.

At the same moment, a slew of conservative hit groups loudly announced they had sunk loads of cash into a pack of “stop Hillary” websites, muckraking pieces and scheduled attack ads on her. They vowed this was just the start of a freewheeling, no holds barred disinformation effort to sabotage her campaign.

For much more information about Earl Ofari Hutchinson and The Ethnic Presidency: How Race Affects the Race to the White House, visit his blog blitz homepage. To order your copy of the Ethnic Presidency, visit the author's website or Amazon .

Apr 8, 2008

Revvell interviews Annie B. Lawrence

Looking for love relationship advise that works? Find tools and secrets to ignite love, passion, and romance. Love's Secret won three awards in relationship and awarded best book in metapsychology. Check out this interview to learn more.

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Hilary and Obama Road Show Day Two

Are you following the Hilary and Obama Road Show? I am participating in a virtual book tour for the Ethic Presidency blog blitz. Read the second excerpt from author Earl Ofari Hutchinson and his book The Ethnic Presidency.

The ethic jockeying of Clinton and Obama was really only a side show in the Democratic primaries. If either one of them got the nomination, they had a lock on the black vote, perhaps even a record turnout and vote of blacks. The Latino and Asian vote was another matter. It was very much in play both in the Democratic primaries, and possibly in the general election as well. The dash to La Raza’s convention by Obama and Clinton, and to just about any other major Latino or Asian political or voter forum nationally was a mandatory stop that both had to make.

The scramble for leading endorsements from top Latino elected officials was vital.For the moment though, Clinton had the political juice to get the biggest of the big names among Latino politicians in her camp. She also showed that she was adept at thinking on her feet to head off a potential public relations disaster with Asian-American supporters. When several Asian foreign language reporters were blocked from entering a Clinton townhall event in San Francisco in February 2007, Hillary rushed back to the city to hold a special session with Asian journalists there and that prominently included the journalists snubbed earlier.

The trek to Miami and other Latino conferences, and rallies, was only part of Obama’s plan to stay in the hunt with Hillary for the Latino vote. In a campaign stop in San Antonio, Texas, in July, Obama brashly attempted to wrap himself in the mantle of Cesar Chavez, the revered 1960s Latino labor leader and civil rights icon. Being an unknown political quantity among Latinos was only one problem for Obama. The other was the latent tensions and at times low intensity warfare that raged between blacks and Latinos in some cities such as Los Angeles over jobs, and immigration, and at times exploded in gang and prison violence. This could severely damage Obama’s court of Latino voters in the nation’s biggest delegate state, California. In Los Angeles County, Latinos made up nearly one-third of the voters.

For much more information about Earl Ofari Hutchinson and The Ethnic Presidency: How Race Affects the Race to the White House, visit his blog blitz homepage - To order your copy of the Ethnic Presidency, visit Earl Ofari Hutchinson's website or Amazon here.

Apr 7, 2008

Are you living a life proactively or reactively? How would you know?

Check out this full article on Askville. I won first place with my answer.
I studied with Dr Stephen Covey twenty years ago and have been applying his habits for living a proactive life since. I always know when I am being proactive and when I have relapsed into old habits of playing victim. It is easy to be proactive when we are happy and joyful and harder to be proactive when we are being confronted with old habits and conditioned responses to life.

Here are the habits that I find most helpful in supporting proactive behavior:

1. I begin my day by focusing on being grateful for my life. As I begin my day I notice that my day unfolds in a wonderful synchronicity, when I spend at least 5-15 minutes in silence visualizing the most productive flow.

2. I take my mind off autopilot and stay present throughout my day,by being aware of my breath. My breath keeps me aware and calm throughout my day. Awareness of my thoughts, and actions, allows me to make choices on how I respond to life.

3. When I find myself concentrating on thoughts that are not proactive I refocus my energy by taking a deep breath. Recently on Oprah and Eckhart’s webinar they paused for a few seconds and concentrated on the breath. Breath awareness is the anchoring tool I use throughout my day to stay proactive.

4. Spring is a wonderful time to plant new seeds in our inner garden. It is a constant task to pluck out the weeds of destructive thoughts and habits and plant seeds of patience, kindness, and self love--and remain proactive.

Do you have moments when you know that you are being proactive and then feel yourself relapse into old habits?

Sedona Arizona Vortex Secrets

Have you heard of Sedona Arizona or Squidoo? Check out this link on Squidoo for a Sedona Arizona City guide for everything you ever wanted to know about sedona. We will be featuring a new vortex site each week, along with featuring resturants, places to visit and prizes.

This week we are featuring Cathedral Rock Vortex, located in Oak Creek Canyon. Reported to hold the energy of Divine unconditional love. Many marriages are performed at Oak Creek Crossing located near Cathedral Rock. It is one of the most peaceful spots in Sedona and offers healing energies for healing sadness, and issues of male and female relationships. I have taken guests to this vortex who have experienced visions and deep healing with both mother and father relationships.

Check out this article over on ezine articles to find out more Sedona Vortex secrets. Let me know if you have further questions about the vortex sites. Here are a couple tips to get the most from your Sedona trip.

1. Don't over schedule your trip. Allow time to be still in nature in order to experienc the energies.

2. If you have time and money schedule an experienced guide to take you to the vortex sites. We have taken many visitors to the sites who have visited before and ended up frustrated in their endeavors to "experience" the vortex sites.

Check out our day packages if you would like to experience the healing energy of Sedona. Leave me a message and share your favorite experience in Sedona. I first visited twenty years ago while healing from a divorce. I found deep healing here, and never thought that twenty years I would live here. I love Sedona and feel very blessed to live here.

Hilary and Obama Road Show

In July 2007, Barack Obama was still pretty much the mystery man among them. His popularity among Latinos then wallowed in the low double digit numbers. Obama and Hillary Clinton knew their presence at the event would send the message to Latinos that the Latino vote was crucial for them to win the White House.

The moment that both announced their presidential candidacies it was a foregone conclusion that they would pull out every stop to get the edge on the other in the battle for ethnic supremacy. This wasn’t solely because the Latino, black and Asian votes were make or break votes for each, but because they both had a strong sense of entitlement toward these votes. The starting point for Hillary was Bill. In a poll taken in January 1996 at the start of his second term, nine out of ten blacks liked and admired him. Latinos weren’t far behind in their like of Bill. He got more than 60 percent of the Latino vote in 1992 and seventy percent of their vote in his reelection victory in 1996.

In countless polls during the early months after both tossed their hats in the presidential ring, Clinton and Obama ran neck and neck in the avowed admiration and loyalty blacks gave the pair. In a June 2007 Gallup poll blacks by 8 to 1 margins had favorable views of both them. Hillary didn’t just rest on Bill’s laurels. As Senator she carefully built a strong network among black ministers, politicians, and Democrats within and without the Congressional Black Caucus, and state black elected officials.

For much more information about Earl Ofari Hutchinson and The Ethnic Presidency: How Race Affects the Race to the White House, visit his blog blitz homepage - . To order your copy of the Ethnic Presidency, visit here or Amazon here.

I am participating this week in a blog blitz with Nikki Leigh. I will be making a post each day regarding Hilary and Obama's Roadshow. Leave me a message and let me know your opinion.

Apr 6, 2008

Sedona, Arizona City Guide on Squidoo

Everything you ever wanted to know about Sedona, Arizona for your spiritual vacation. Do you believe the rumors about Sedona and it's sacred vortex sites? Take our poll and help us find the truth.

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Create a Spiritual Spa In Your own Home!

Oprah and Eckhart are offering you tools to stay present in the moment. Attend the web conference tomorrow night at 7:30. If you haven't signed up yet don't fret go here Oprah.com. 110 million have down loaded the seminars and are focusing on creating a new earth. Take a look here if you are looking for tools to help you apply the tools Oprah and Eckhart are offering. Also look at how to create a spiritual spa break in your own home here. Or follow these tips.

Create a spiritual spa get away in your own bath at home.

Follow this tip to relax, renew your spirit and release your stress.
*First turn off all phones and alert any family members you are not to be disturbed for two hours.

*Put on your favorite relaxing music(down load music for a new earth on itunes free), light a candle (scented with lavendar to deepen your relaxation response) and fill your bath with hot water.

*Take a teaspoon of honey and add 3 drops of lavendar oil, 4 drops of rose geranium, 4 drops of clary sage. Make sure these oils are medicinal grade and pure essential oils.Slip into your bath and breathe in the aromas.

*Concetrate on a picture in your mind of the most beautiful place you can remember. If you mind wants to go into the future or into the past keep bringing it back to your spiritual spa bath and let go.

*Enjoy your break and make time to create this experience often. Schedule this spiritual spa break often to release your stress and recapture passion and inner peace. Click here to view a video of our spiritual spa for the soul.

Leave me a message with your favorite spiritual spa experience.

Apr 3, 2008

Relationship Overhaul 5 Tips to Ignite Passsion and Romance

Follow these secrets to create the love, passion and romance you deserve in your love relationship.

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Creating a Spiritual Retreat for Spiritual Awakening on Squidoo

A Sedona Spiritual Retreat is the perfect place to take you spiritual awkening to the next level. Imagine surrounding yourself in the beauty of Sedona, hiking the red rocks, deepening your connection to spirit and aligning with your purpose.

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Apr 2, 2008

A New Earth, Faith, Oprah and Eckhart

Do you have faith in a higher power? What is faith?Faith is synonymous with trust in a higher power. Faith is not denominational or related to a religious dogma. Faith is demonstrated in everyday life and by your actions or lack of actions. When one has faith we don’t spend our time in fear and worry. We spend our energy in prayer, and performing actions that support our earth, our brothers, and sisters (which reaches beyond your family and blood line), and our purpose for being here. As in the new webinar with Eckhart and Oprah, we do have a purpose for being alive that is above and beyond survival. My purpose in this life is to live my life each day in faith by monitoring my thoughts and directing them toward the highest good of all.

Faith means listening to our inner guidance and following that guidance. Sometimes we can get caught up in religious dogma and miss out on developing a real connection with our higher power. Doing what we need to do individually to develop a deeper connection to our higher power is one of our individual purposes for being alive. Developing faith is like any other personal development takes time and discipline. However it is worth the effort, rather than getting caught up in the drama of life and spending all your energy just surviving. Following your individual faith is a wonderful feeling and is a blessing to yourself and to your friends and family.

Faith is a wonderful feeling that we are safe and our lives are unfolding in the most positive way. What does faith mean to you?