Oct 21, 2008

Meditation, EFT, Spiritual Healing, and Inner Peace

Meditation and EFT can bring spiritual healing and inner peace through spiritual retreat. The fear about our future is so thick right now you can feel it everywhere. Many of us experienced this kind of fear on a daily basis as a child and have become immuned to the feeling. Yet, fear creates stress in our body, mind and spirit. It is a feeling of always being on alert without a pending threat to our life. This feeling floods our body with toxic chemicals that weakens our immune system and causes our mind to be cluttered. Follow these three steps to clear your mind and strenghten your immune response.

1. Determine the best way to clear your mind. There are many effective tools to meditate and create a clear mind. The most effective meditation, is one that is practiced on a daily basis. My favorite technique is to practice yoga for fifteen minutes then sit and follow my breath. Alternate nostril breathing is very effective in balancing the right and left hemisphere of the brain and deepens the feeling of relaxation.

2. Practicing Reiki self healing has been a favorite practice to quiten my mind and bring my body, mind, and spirit back to balance for the past twenty five years. Reiki is a self healing technique that can be learned and practiced by anyone who is open and willing. We offer Reiki attunements and training in our day packages, and retreats.

3. Choose a mantra and repeat it in order to stop fearful thoughts. One of the first mantras that I practiced was a focus word to stop thoughts that were automatic and destructive. This word was cancel-cancel. Then I would replace the word with a simple word like trust.

Spritual Healing is needed by everyone right now to stop the fear that has enveloped our world. By collectively focusing our thoughts on what we want we can create inner peace. See the world at peace and do your part to create inner peace through practicing meditation.