Jan 18, 2008

Writer's Strike--Turn Off the TV and Find Your Way back to Love!

Do you push love away in the name of being right? Do you like being right more than being in love and giving love? Write a new script to create the love you want and deserve by giving up your need to be right. Learn to fight fair and air your differences and find a compromise.

If you use all the dirty tricks you know when you fight you might feel like you won. But if you close your heart and push love and your mate away--nobody wins. Switch channels and quit playing the wrong and right game. Create a new playing field where everyone wins and you deepen your love connection! Share with me ways that you have learned to reach a compromise and stay connected to your heart, love, passion, and your mate.

Look at what Kahlil Gibran has to say about love and fighting. " Among intelligent people the surest basis for marriage is friendship - the sharing of real interests-
the ability to fight out ideas together and understand each other’s thoughts and dreams. "
-Kahlil Gibran