Aug 31, 2011

Is Fear Keeping You Stuck?

Are you attracting what you want in your life?The law of attraction hasn't always brought me what I wanted. Or at least it wasn't my dreams it seemed to bring. Instead my worst night mares and fears appeared until I learned to clear away the fears that blocked my dreams. I knew there was more to life than surviving, but I didn't know how to apply my talents and gifts to live my life purpose. Here are the steps I took to clear my fears and beliefs, that blocked my purpose, and passion.

1. The first and most powerful step is to get clear on where you are. I had a mantra (short phrase I repeated to myself) who am I, where am I, and what is my purpose here? I did this for several months throughout my day. This serves two purposes. First it keeps your "inner critic" quiet and takes your inner talk off "auto-pilot." It also keeps you focused on your intention to find your purpose.

2. Create times to breath consciously and listen inside. This means that you must create the ability to be still. For most of us in this hurry-worry world this is our biggest challenge. Our mind is racing from appointment to appointment, and focusing on what is next on our calendar. Two secrets to finding your purpose, passion, and taking charge of your power, is your breath and a quiet mind.

3. Keep focused on your intention. In rushing through life it is easy to loose focus and thus loose your connection to the Divine. When we maintain our connection to our spiritual essence, we are connected to our purpose, passion, and our power. Schedule time into your calendar for spiritual renewal. A spiritual retreat once a month is a great source to renew your body, mind and spirit, and master the law of attraction.

Need clarity to find your purpose, and master the law of attraction? I invite you to down load our life mastery quiz and empower yourself with clarity. Next set aside time for 21 days and commit to bringing clarity to your life.

When you feel stuck and can't make yourself anymore "inner work", it might mean that you need some gentle help. We offer a safe place to retreat and heal.

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