Jun 30, 2008

Law of Attraction Not Working? Apply our Action Plan to Master The Secret

Law of Attraction not bringing the results that you want? Do you see what you want, yet terrified to step out on the limb and let go of what you know? Many are aware of the Law of Attraction but feel stuck in what they don't want and don't have the courage to move forward. Join our Group Master Mind to master the Law of Attraction and Find Your Life Purpose, and follow these tips to get started moving forward now.
1. Find out where you are now. Start a journal and write down your level of happiness with your life, relationship, and career on a 0-10 level.
2. What level of commitment do you have to change you current situation? What are you willing to give to achieve more love, happiness, inner peace, and joy in your life.
3. Start now. Sign up for our Teleseminar Series and our Group Master Mind for moving forward.