Jan 24, 2008

A Valentine's Day Wish

What is your wish for this Valentine's Day? To meet prince charming or Cinderella? Or, did you think you had met him or her--but now it seems like the wicked witch turned him or her into a frog? Here are some tips to ignite passion and heat up your realtionship.

Surprise your mate with a date to remember. Don't wait for him or her to read your mind to find your heart's desire. Create a romantic night to remember with romantic flair. Purchase natural veggie oil candles, place flowers of your choice in the bedroom, get an set of sheets that you don't mind getting oil on. Take natural coconut oil and add your favorite medicinal grade essential oils like ylang-ylang, rose geranium, sandlewood, and a hint of ginger (most of these oils are all natural aphrodisiacs). On your chosen night, meet your special one at the door. Run a warm bath and have them soak for at least fifteen minutes. Have their favorite romantic music playing, next wash their back and pretend you are massaging your special one for the first time. After they dry off have them move to your sheets either on your bed or on the floor and massage them from head to toe with your special coconut passion oil. The rest is up to you. Have a wonderful loved filled date with your mate and congratulate yourself for gifting yourself and your special partner a night to remember! Check out our retreats for couples and learn new communication skills to keep love and passion alive.