Mar 6, 2011

Create a Spiritual Spa at Home Now!

Retreat from your life and all your stress now! If your body, mind and spirit are feeling overwhelmed create your own spiritual spa at home!

Follow this tip to relax, renew your spirit and release your stress.

First turn off all phones and alert any family members you are not to be disturbed for two hours.

Put on your favorite relaxing music, light a candle (scented with lavendar to deepen your relaxation response) and fill your bath with hot water. Take a teaspoon of honey and add 3 drops of lavender oil, 4 drops of rose geranium, 4 drops of Clary sage. Make sure these oils are medicinal grade and pure essential oils.

Slip into your bath and breathe in the aromas. Concentrate on a picture in your mind of the most beautiful place you can remember. If you mind wants to go into the future or into the past keep bringing it back to your spiritual spa bath and let go. Enjoy your break and make time to create this experience often. Schedule this spiritual spa break often to release your stress and recapture passion and inner peace.

Annie offers phone consultations with clients all over the world. If you are ready to shift old habits like smoking, weight release, or just learn new coping skills to gain clarity and inner peace; set up your Spiritual Life Coaching session today. Sedona retreats bring the peace and clarity you are looking for so call us today. Leave me a message with any questions regarding our retreats or Spiritual Life Coaching sessions.