Apr 28, 2008

Oprah, Eckhart and the pain body

Is it possible that people who are depressed have not healed their pain body?
Have you been following Oprah and Eckhart? What do you do to heal your pain body? Is your pain or your emotions in charge?

My emotional pain body was large as a child and young adult. I have been on a path to heal my emotions held in my pain body for over thirty years. A pain body that has been ignored will continue to show up in your everyday life. Here are the tools that I have found most helpful in healing my pain body. Go here to listen to Eckhart and Oprah's conversation on the pain body.

Tools to heal the pain body:

Reiki-Reiki is universal healing energy that is present in all of us. You can recieve a Reiki healing session or a Reiki Attunement. When you recieve a Reiki attunement you are able to bring your own body back to balance and healing.

EFT- Emotional Freedom Technique is a tool for healing the emotional pain body. When emotions are not expressed they become stuck and cause blocks in your emotional and physical body. EFT can help to heal this stuck energy.

Yoga and breathing can keep your emotions moving and assist you to learn to allow your emotions to flow freely. Let me know what you use to heal your pain body.