Mar 19, 2008

Does practicing better breathing really become a habit?

Breathing is a great way to improve your health without medication or even supplementation!

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I am a yoga teacher and have taught pranayama for many years. Pranayama is conscious breathing. It has many benefits including relaxation, increased oxygen to your brain and organs and increased mental alertness. There are types of breathing that can balance the functioning of your brain and improve the overall health of all your cells. Can it become a habit? Yes it can but not without practice and a dedicated intention. I studied a technique called the Alexander method which is conscious use of your energy. It is the conscious choice of how you move your body. It was the most rewarding experience I have ever had and full of personal growth. And it was the hardest task I have ever undertaken. To be in the moment and consciously be aware of your breath or how you are moving your finger or your head, feet, sitting, walking is very self confrontational. Generally we like our addicted patterns of acting and reacting to life, and don't like change. We can "think" we would like to be different but creating that difference is a life challenge.

Do you like yoga? And what do you find supports you in creating a daily practice?