Oct 1, 2007

Britney loses her children--could Love's Secret help??

Young people are seeking escape through numbing drugs, alcohol, and or prescription drugs to releive pain, and escape reality. Britney was on top of the charts and for a while seemed to have it all. Did she hit the big time before she had the emotional maturity to handle stardom? Do young people bring children into the picture by choice or by accident? What can we do to guide our youth to make better more responsible choices?

Love's Secret offers hope for all ages to release pain and drama and create love. The tip today is to own your emotions and learn that you are not your emotions. Learn to breathe and resist the urge to shut down and disown whatever you are feeling. Yoga, tai chi, jogging, tennis, handball, biking while you are feeling you emotions will help to move the emotions and then release them. Shutting down and numbing emotions only postpones the pain and is not a solution.

Next time you are feeling sad, angry, hurt, dissappointed, guilty, fearful or anxious take the opportunity to move the energy by taking a walk. Name the emotion and as you walk make a conscious decision to let it go ie, I am releasing this fear with each step and choosing to feel safe. For more information on releasing emotions follow this link http://www.retreatandheal.com/EFT_Tool.html