Jul 1, 2011

Retreat to talk about Love

Love is one of the major topics our retreat guests come to discuss. Have you found the love that you want? Do you have your mind and nervous system connected to love? Do you have love connected to hurt and pain?

As a child you craved love and connection, yet when you felt hurt or rejected you trained yourself to separate from your feelings and shut down. Over and over you conditioned yourself that feelings were not safe. Is it possible to find love when your heart is armored and shut?

You can start your journey to love by opening your heart to the love inside. Focus each day on what you love about yourself. Spend time in nature, breath and focus on your heart. Practice seeing an inner smile and see love radiating from your smile to your heart. Feel gratitude for the courage to open your heart and feel the love inside. With an open heart and the ability to feel the love inside, you can share your love, rather than the endless search looking for it outside.

Our retreats include a copy of Love's Secret Live Your Life In Love and tools to empower you to open your heart to love. Sedona has the beauty and our years of experience make Retreat and Heal the destination to find the love you deserve.