Dec 14, 2008

Sedona Retreats, Spiritual Vortex Tours, and Shamanic Journeys

Sedona Retreats and Sedona Spiritual Vortex tours are a great place to experience the beauty of Sedona. Join me on Blog Talk Radio as we explain what a shamanic journey is and how to align with your spirit animals.

Take a look at the beautiful full moon picture submitted by Jinny. She will soon have her photos made into posters and will have them available for sale.

How do you find your spirit animal? How do you align with your spirit animal to break habits and release blocks to your power? First let's discuss the power of Crow. When you visit Sedona often you will see Crow everywhere. You might wonder what the bird is trying to say to you. Have you ever heard the clicking noise it makes in its throat? Often when I am working with our retreat guests the Crow will appear. Crow represents the laws of nature and it is a reminder that what we think about will come about. It is the essence of the law of attraction and cautions us of what we allow our thoughts to dwell upon. Crow also brings messages from spirit and is a reminder to clear away the self abuse we give to ourselves through our thoughts.

How do you use Crow Medicine? When you visualize Crow see yourself being able to see your fears and all the old thoughts, beliefs and conditioning from the past for what it is. Then realize that you have choice and can stop fear, worry, and anxiety by stopping your thoughts. Give yourself a visual that anchors in new thoughts and the feeling of being safe. Each and every time you stop your thoughts it gets easier and easier to stay in choice and change your thoughts.

Each day I will be blogging about different animal medicine and how to align with their medicine. Leave me a message and let me know how it is working for you.

Sedona Retreats and Sedona Vortex tours make a wonderful healing gift for yourself or a loved one. Let us be your spiritual guide to Sedona through our Sedona Retreats or Spiritual Vortex tours.