May 7, 2008

Women Stand for Peace United in Love for Mother's Day

If you would like to honor the love you received from your mother stand with us in prayer on mother's day. Mother's love is the highest vibration on the planet. Let's stand together at 1 pm on mother's day and honor the earth mother, and all the mother's on the planet.

Oprah and Eckhart Tolle have ignited a fire for awakening the spiritual essence. Let's unite in love and spend at least fifteen minutes in silence holding a vision of a planet that is green, clean, and healthy. Our children and grand children deserve our focus, love and attention. Visualize our children and the generations to come being born in a world of peace, love and plenty. A world where they feel safe and provided for. Connect to this post and send to all the powerful women you know.

Facebook Group for Spiritual Partnership

Eckhart and Oprah ended their webinar this week. I have just started a new spiritual partnership group over on Facebook. If you are inspired and looking for support in aligning with your purpose come join our spiritual partnership group.

Whether you are looking to join a group on Facebook to network, or find spiritual
partnerships for join venturing,our group will support your needs. If you are standing at the edge of that jumping off point of what is and need support to jump off into what can be--join our group.