Mar 11, 2015

#Retreat and Heal offers #couples retreats with tools to reconnect heart connections. Couples enter relationships with high hopes and positive expectations for their dream romance. Fighting and pulling away are never part of the dream. Yet, old patterns from the past surface and seem stronger than any dreams and take over. Most couples who come to #Sedona for our retreats find themselves stuck in hurt and pain without tools to heal. Our #couples retreats empower couples to reconnect to love.

Reconnect to love by creating a vision of what you want in your relationship and commit your heart to your vision. Each partner creates a vision of what is wanted in the relationship then co-create a vision from the two visions.

Compassionate communication empowers each partner to speak up and compassionately ask for what they want. Through speaking up each person learns to keep their compassion and commitment alive. Our retreat couples learn to stay current with their emotions and speak up and ask for what they want.

The next step is to keep your heart open and ask for what you want.  Invest daily into your relationship account by smiling and holding your vision. #EFT,# hypnotherapy, #energy medicine, #shamanic healing, #sacred vortex ceremonies, are all part of our #couples retreat based on your needs. Invest in your relationship by scheduling a special #retreat and reconnect to love.

Mar 10, 2015

#Retreat for a moment, breath, smile and reset to inner peace. Retreat doesn't always have to mean a long journey and lots of time. A short retreat from your life can bring feelings of inner calm and recharge your energy. Throughout our #sedona retreats, we are teaching tools to reset your normal to inner peace.

Join us for a day, three days, a week or even an hour and half phone session. Annie offers #life coaching local and phone sessions to clear your mind, body and emotions.

#Retreat and Heal offers year round #Personal Healing Retreats focused on you and your interests. Our retreats are the perfect gift for you or your loved ones. Clear your emotional bag and spend this Year with clarity and purpose. Our #Retreats are designed to reset your normal set point to Inner Peace.