Oct 13, 2007

Al Gore gets Nobel Prize--in time for national blogging day

National blog day to make a difference is October 15. Al Gore was just awarded a nobel prize for his work with global warming. Many still deny any relationship between global warming and emissions and co2. Yet, extreme weather conditions are happening daily if anyone is aware. For the first time in history the summer was so extremely hot that the northwest passage is open for shipping. Fires in the west, in Florida, and more hurricanes than ever in history with typhoons in China, and tsunami's leave our world in turmoil.

Still in reading blogs I have noticed that some still deny a relationship with our changing weather patterns and global warming. It is apparent that our leaders are not concerned with our health and environment--simply money, and power. Until we wake up and decide to make our voices heard and demand that our leaders take steps to produce healthier alternatives for transporation our future is unsure.

The technology is available for producing electric and other alternative fueled cars. In a state like Arizona the technology is available for solar energy yet the solar cells are still not affordable for mainstream. What can we do to make a difference? Direct our money where our values are. Don't buy new vehicles, until the industry produces vehicles that are better for our environment.