Sep 7, 2011

Stuck in Drama and Chaos? Retreat In Nature To Rewrite Your Story

Is your inner guidance system always pointing you upstream toward challenges? Were you conditioned to believe that life is a challenge? If your environment was filled with chaos and struggle as a child chances are that this is what has become your normal.

Our retreat guests often arrive at the end of their emotional rope. They often feel hopeless to change their life drama. Here are some tips to change your old story and write a new one full of happiness and love.

1. Take a yoga class that helps you navigate your inner world. Yoga helps you to stretch your old limits and begin to feel comfortable being outside your self imposed box. Just because your have become accustomed to trauma and drama doesn't mean you need to stay there. Break free and stretch into happiness, joy and success.

2. Take time to learn to clear your mind. A cluttered mind is a chaotic mind. Even though it may feel normal it is difficult to make clear decisions based on what you want and deserve in a cluttered mind. Until you break free from old habits you will continue to recreate the same habits and patterns of trauma/drama over and over. You deserve to be free so take time to develop a clear and calm mind. Take the reigns back from old habits created in your childhood.

3. Retreat in Nature and reconnect to inner peace. Often life seems so busy that it feels normal to go on auto-pilot. Auto-Pilot recreates the same patterns and dramas over and over. In our retreats this is the number one cause of unhappiness and depression. Most of our guests soon feel overwhelmed, confused and hopeless to change their drama. Stop and and take a break in nature. Nature is healing and offers time to listen inside for inner guidance.

Our retreats empower you with tools to change your emotional set points from drama and pain to inner peace and feeling empowered. Through EFT, Reiki, Inner Child healing, Time Line Therapy, Hypnotherapy and healing massage we gently empower you to row your boat down stream and create habits that support a happy successful life. Retreat with us and create the habit of happiness.