Sep 27, 2007

Do you have Love linked to pain?

As a child how did you get attention or feel loved? For many the only time they felt love from their parent was when they had an injury either physical or emotional. As a child this learned habit was reinforced over and over and created a pattern still gets repeated unconsciously. This habit of creating emotional pain and and drama to create a feeling of being loved becomes an automatic response to life. Many have become comfortable with their self created hell. The Secret, and The Law of Attraction teach that whatever is focused on is what is attracted. For those stuck in pain and drama, they must recognize the root of their self creation, in order to change their life.
Love's Secret offers answers to cut the neuro connections linking love to pain and drama. In order to be happy, a choice must be made, along with a commitment to change the old habit and addiction to negative emotions.

Love's Secret tip today is to release the past and take your power back from an addiction to pain and drama. Begin an emotions journal. Make a commitment to your own healing and journal each day for ten minutes in the morning and evening just before bed. Notice what you are feeling and use EFT to tap on whatever the emotion is just before going to sleep. As you fall asleep hold a vision of yourself happy and living your life in love with your mate. Feel how good it feels to be happy. As you continue to practice this exercise you will notice your life getting happier and happier.